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Here’s the list of five most awaited upcoming features that are coming to WhatsApp soon!!




WhatsApp is adding a number of features to the app to remain competitive against other instant messaging apps and services Thanks to leaks, we have a glimpse of some of the features WhatsApp is set to bring to the app in the future.

Here are five such features including a new call interface, end-to-end encryption indicators, quick replies shortcuts, and more.

1) New calling interface

WhatsApp Calls are one of the app’s most popular features, allowing users to make voice calls directly from the app via a cellular or WiFi connection. The new interface looks more compact and modern and will look better especially during group calls. The buttons on the bottom remain the same though.
The update is set to come to both Android and iOS users in a future beta update. The leaked screenshot above is from WhatsApp on iOS, so we expect iOS devices to get the change first.

2) End-to-end encryption indicators

WhatsApp is adding new indicators to the app’s chats and calls which will let users let users know that communication via the platform is end-to-end encrypted.

The indicators are visible in a leaked iOS screenshot, as seen below, but the feature is set to also come to Android devices later. The change will first come to beta users for Android and iOS before it begins rolling out to stable users.

3) Quick Replies

WhatsApp is adding a quick replies shortcut for WhatsApp Business. The WhatsApp Business app will soon add an extra option that will let users select one of a few preset quick replies to send to customers.
To use quick replies, WhatsApp Business users will be able to type “/” in the chat and select a preset message. The feature will come to beta users on both iOS and Android, and could eventually make its way to stable versions.

4) More control for group admins

WhatsApp will soon add more abilities for group admins, allowing them to delete messages from other members of the group. This will allow admins to further control and regulate any unwanted behavior in the group, and will also help avoid confusion.

Messages deleted by admins will feature a different deleted message notice compared to the usual notice. The feature will come to both Android and iOS users.

5 ) Communities

WhatsApp is also adding the ability to create new Communities. Communities will reportedly grant admins the ability to invite new users via a Community Invite Link and then start messaging other members.
Communities will also allow admins to create groups within groups. It seems that a subtle design change will allow users to distinguish Communities from regular group chats. This feature will come to both Android and iOS users later.

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