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Hiring Freelancers for Your Growing Start-Up  



The internet has empowered many people to start their own businesses, but what happens when you want to grow?

Your start-up is your baby, so you want to do everything possible to ensure smooth and safe growth. Hiring freelancers is an option to meet the demands of accelerated growth while minimizing the costs of hiring a full staff. But where do you find them? And what are the benefits and risks?

We answer all these questions here.

Using Freelancers

Taking on staff is daunting, and many entrepreneurs feel like they are losing control by hiring too many people that they can’t vet properly. But when you need additional staff to meet growing demand, using freelancers may be an option.

Using freelance assistance opens up a vast pool of talent you can buy as and when needed.

Freelancers avoid the cost and commitment of employing regular staff members, plus you can access numerous areas of expertise to develop your business.

Most freelancers work on a self-employed basis, so they are just hired for the duration of the job they need to do. You can contract directly with a freelancer or use contractor hiring platforms to find a pool of candidates.

Always do due diligence when hiring anyone, including freelancers.

Some screening companies like provide a third-party checking and verification service. It’s easy to overlook these checks if your hire is not an employee and is only temporary or short-term, but you do so at your risk.

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The Benefits of Using Freelancers

Whether you are looking for design, marketing help or want to upgrade payment facilities on your website, there is a freelancer to help you. There’s a reason the freelance economy has grown because it offers value to employers and freelancers alike.

Tap into a wealth of expertise and only hire that person for the time you need them or to perform a specific task.

Remote work means the world is your oyster. Freelance platforms have a truly global reach with talent available from across the globe.

Hire without getting bogged down in all the complexities surrounding employment, such as pensions, maternity rights and health insurance; plus, it is much more cost-effective.

Drawbacks to Using Freelancers

Most freelancers will work for several clients at any time to earn a living. Unfortunately, you won’t get the same undivided attention that an employee can offer.

Recruiting the right person is still challenging, and every time you recruit, you will need to introduce someone to your business and its brand values. It’s a repetitive process that doesn’t apply to a regular employee.

However, using a mix of employees and freelancers can sometimes offer the best of both worlds.

Some start-ups take on one or two key employees to provide a constant – this might be for admin and customer service or accounts. Meanwhile, they hire freelancers for specialist tasks like a promotional campaign, a re-brand or a new website design.

Final Thoughts

Starting and growing your own business is a uniquely personal experience, and it can be hard to let go and work with other people as the business expands. Using freelancers is an effective way to access many different specialists and only use them when you need them.

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No one has all the skills needed, so hiring expert help is essential to let the business grow.


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