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How Can You Use Lead Magnets in Digital Marketing?



It comes as no surprise that many people spend time on the internet to socialize, search for their queries, or look for products or services. With the continuous advancement in technology, there is no doubt it will ever go down. Its high time businesses revamp their marketing strategies to understand their customer behavior and remain ahead of their competitors. Today, every company must develop digital marketing strategies to build strong relations with their customer base and generate potential leads.

Have you ever wondered how to generate leads and how they can benefit your business? One of the best ways to generate leads is lead magnets. Simply put, a lead magnet is a compelling offer that brands offer their clients in exchange for their contact information. Although there are plenty of ways to use a lead magnet, below is the list of the few common lead magnet examples:

  1. Ebook

Most business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies utilize this marketing strategy to gain people’s contact information. You might have found various links to ebooks and white papers while browsing the internet. It is one of the ancient techniques that brands use to showcase their expertise. An ebook establishes the fact that the company has extensive knowledge about the industry. Customers consider them as the leaders of that niche.

However, these days many organizations are replacing ebooks with creative visual and infographic content. It is because publishing an ebook requires a great deal of hard work and time. If you are looking forward to using this example, make sure to create a short and precise ebook. Try to make customized and creative lead magnet templates to give a boost to your campaign.

  1. Sample

Providing samples is one of the most trending lead magnet marketing examples. The beauty and cosmetics industry usually offers free samples of either a shampoo or a facial cream in exchange for email addresses. You can make the most of this technique by sending out a free sample of your products to the customer’s contact details. That way, you can nail two birds with one stone. You can have access to contact information, and people can try a free version of your products.

  1. A Report or Guide

Although people confuse a guide with an ebook; however, there is a slight difference between them. Reports or guides train customers about how to use a specific product or service. How-to guides, also known as the most common type of lead magnet, can help you build an image and authority. It shows that an organization holds firm knowledge about the brand and services.

  1. Discount Codes

Many customers like to purchase items at a discounted rate, making discount codes a famous lead magnet example. One best practice is to put discount codes on things that are making slow sales. In this way, customers who don’t previously know your brand can buy your product or services at a lower price. It is also an excellent way to introducing your services or products to customers who are just doing window shopping.

Moreover, you can also draw your customers’ attention by offering them free shipping on the products or services they want to purchase. Make this offer when the customer makes several purchases to their cart. You can ask these customers to give their email addresses if they wish to avail of this opportunity.

  1. Webinar

Have you ever thought of generating prospective leads through webinars? If not, now is the time to step up your game. The potential audience that registers for your webinar session can provide you with potential leads. The audio or video quality of the webinars attracts many audiences. You can also arrange a live webinar to lure more customers. The urgency of not missing out on informative and engaging webinars can help you build successful leads.

You don’t need to make lengthy webinars or collaborate with other industry leaders to generate leads. You can create a webinar from a blog post that you wrote and have expertise in the related topic. Also, ensure the data you provide for the webinar must be correct since you don’t want to lose your customers’ trust.

  1. Case Study

A case study is a method to demonstrate how satisfied your customers are with your products or services. It is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost sales. You can put together several case studies of your customers’ positive experiences to show them to those still unsure about purchasing. Ask the new customers to fill out the form with the name and email addresses if they want to read these case studies. However, don’t forget to take the consent of your previous clients. Once they permit you, you can reap the benefits of this lead magnet example.

  1. Toolkit

No doubt, hundreds of digital marketers are in search of toolkits to generate revenue. These toolkits save customers time and provide various growth opportunities. The toolkit is a great lead magnet example to get valuable customers’ details since they are serious buyers. It is to note you are not just gathering users’ data with the toolkit but also generating revenue from this method.

  1. Quiz or Survey

Researches show that conducting quizzes and surveys is a great resource to receive positive leads in modern times. Many digital marketers are taking advantage of this strategy. Online and interactive quizzes help you gain a new audience. You can put this lead marketing example into practice if you notice the audience is visiting your site but not clicking on any call-to-action option. That way, your quizzes or surveys can act as a great way to know your customers. However, be mindful, don’t take them too long as most customers lose their interest if they find quizzes lengthy.

The Bottom Line

Instead of fumbling around different strategies, make lead magnet the top priority of your marketing plan. Remember, advertisements’ purpose is to get in touch with the target audience and convert leads into sales. Consider it as a win-win situation for both; your brand and customers. However, it is worthy to note that a good lead magnet strategy focuses not only on increasing the subscriber’s pool. You should also provide helpful information in return to turn them into lasting customers.


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