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How Digital Signage Proves Beneficial for Your Retail Business



How Digital Signage Proves Beneficial for Your Retail Business

One of the most common threads in a modern digital signage blog is how digital signs can help retail businesses. The reason for this is due to there being hundreds of ways that retail businesses can benefit from digital signs. Not to take the easy route, but here are a few other ways that digital signs may help a retail business. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg, at this point in history, there are easily over one hundred ways a digital sign can be used in a retail setting to the benefit of the store.

Lower Wasted Staff Hours

Look at all the ways that customers waste your staff’s time. If they are asking where a certain thing is (changing room, payment area, customer services, etc.,) then have digital signs that point in the correct direction. On a similar note, if people are always asking if something is returnable, or if something is recyclable, then have a digital sign showing people that they are. If people are always asking if a certain phone can play a modern Smartphone game, then show it being played on the digital sign screen.

Improve The Customer Experience

How you go about this is really up to you and how your business is run but take the example of a bulk-buying store. You can show the various bulk-buy deals on the screen. Instead of people having to search to see which toilet rolls have the best overall price per unit, you can show people how many they need to buy in order to get the best price. 

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You can improve the customer experience by simply comparing the product to your competitors or offering up your guarantees or free services. You can help people make their decisions by giving them easy prompts, or you can use your digital sign to allow people to make orders so they don’t have to go talk to your staff members.

Demonstrate Your Products

It is tough trying to get stores to agree to demonstrations via digital signs but take a look around your store at people trying to look up videos of your products to see demonstrations of how it works. If you are selling the sorts of things that you cannot demonstrate in-store, then you need to be demonstrating your products via digital sign. If people are looking online for your products, they are going to notice better prices online and buy from online retailers instead. 

Build Brand Awareness

You should always be looking for ways to educate people on your brand principles, and digital signs are just one way of doing that. You can state them outright or demonstrate them through your video content. If you are using audio-visual content online and custom magnets and promotional merch offline to spread your brand message, then use that same (or similar) content in your store on your digital signs.

Do a Bit of Retail-tainment

The phrase was popularized by George Ritzer, who claims you need to make the retail experience a little more entertaining, which is mostly true, though a little misguided. After all, who is going to enjoy having a bunch of Rodeo clowns serving you at the builder’s merchants?

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Still, an easy way to entertain people during the retail experience is with digital signs. This is because you already know the people who walk into your store are fans of screens and audio/visual content. Plus, you have complete control over their experience when you create video and digital sign content for your potential customers. Just make sure you keep your entertainment relevant. A great example of this can be found in vet’s clinics when they show you a bunch of facts about pets, and they slide in a few advertisements for their products and prices while in between the fun animal facts. 

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