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How do you get good selfie lighting at night?



We all love to take great selfies, but it can be difficult. Between lighting problems, mediocre camera apps, and people trying to photobomb, it seems like selfies often don’t turn out how we intend them to. One of the most common causes of this is a lack of good lighting. Taking selfies at night or in the dark is tough, which can be frustrating, especially since parties, concerts, and other events you’d want to photograph usually happen at night! Well, it doesn’t always have to be this way; in this article, we’ll give you all the best tips, tricks, and strategies to get perfect selfie lighting at night.

We’ve talked about it before on this page. The most important factor in how a selfie turns out is your lighting, but this is even more important at night. When the sun isn’t out it can be tricky to find quality lighting, and even when you do it’s easy to make your selfies look fake or edited too much by using the same settings you use in daylight. Luckily there’s something that can help.


The best source of lighting for all your selfies, day or night, is Auxiwa. The Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light is a small ring light that clips right onto the top of your cell phone, right by the camera, to give you the most natural lighting possible. Since it’s a ring light and not a round bulb, the Auxiwa lights all angles of your face so you don’t have any of the shadows that can easily ruin nighttime selfies. The Auxiwa can face forward or backward to give you great lighting whether you take selfies with your front or rear camera. It can even clip on your laptop or iPad for The Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light is also rechargeable, so you don’t ever have to worry about replacing batteries. There’s nothing worse than needing something only to have a dead battery! Well with Auxiwa products you’ll never have that issue. And the best thing about the Auxiwa is how affordable it is!

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Match the color temperature of the light

One thing a lot of people get wrong in their night-time selfies is their color temperature. Most of the selfies people take are in daylight, and the light from the sun is a very warm colored light. In contrast, most lights we see or use at night are cool-colored. Think about how the moon often has a blue or gray tint as opposed to the bright yellow and orange of sunlight. Because of this, it’s important to also use cool colored filters and editing techniques when you take pictures at night to avoid the fake look that can come from trying to put warm colors under very cool lighting. Like most man-made light sources, the light from an Auxiwa leans toward the cool side of the temperature scale, so this works out perfectly. Any of the best filtering apps have great options for cool tone filters, so just pick your favorite and start taking pictures!

Don’t use flash

While it might seem like a useful feature, the very worst thing you can do when taking selfies at night is using the flash on your phone. Cell phone flashlights are very harsh and unflattering because the light is built to provide maximum illumination when you use the flashlight feature, and not to give a flattering light for photos. This is just another advantage of having a quality ring light like the Auxiwa that you can clip on your phone, it provides the portability you want without having to compromise the quality of your pictures!

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Light from above!

Whether it’s dark outside or not, one of the most important things about your selfie lighting is the angle from which it comes. Light coming from below or the side of your face can appear unnatural, so make sure you light your selfies from above. This simulates the natural light of the sun, and also the typical placement of indoor lighting on the ceiling. When people see pictures of you with lighting that is true to real-life they will feel more connected to you and want to view your pictures more often. The Auxiwa selfie-light will make this easier than ever since most people like taking selfies from a high angle anyways. When you take a selfie with the Auxiwa attached to your phone, it will shine the light down on your face for the perfect picture.

Taking great selfies at night used to be tough, but not anymore! With perfect lighting from the Auxiwa, proper color temperature, and the right angles and camera settings you’ll be able to look just as good as any of your favorite influencers. So get ready for your future of fame and fortune by stepping up your selfie game today!


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