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How Important Are Live Dictionaries to the Internet Experience Now?



Dictionaries are perfect for understanding the meaning of words, learning new words, and discovering the other meanings of words that you probably use hundreds of times. Most people grow up with the dictionary. Schools teach students how to use it. Many people refer to the dictionary to find the meaning of a word they just encountered. Writers are unlikely to part with their dictionary, physical or online, anytime soon.

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Do you still need a dictionary in the age of the internet?

The dictionary remains an indispensable companion even with the proliferation of internet use. The internet did not help speed up language growth, but it did contribute several slang words. Most people moved online. Therefore, the dictionary changes locale as well. You can access a live dictionary anytime you need help, enriching your internet experience. The dictionary is available wherever you are. You do not need to carry a bulky dictionary outside the office or at home. You can finish a school assignment, an article, or a blog while on the go.

Important shifts for the dictionary

The dictionary moved online, following the language. You can now access various languages, unlike before. You can even find an appropriate foreign word to enhance your writing.

You can track new words and know the meanings of unique slang words that internet denizens use repeatedly. For example, dox is a new slang word that means publishing private information or identifying someone publicly. Many online forums started using the word in 2009. Initially, dox referred to documents. However, the frequency of use made the word dox (doxxing, doxxed) in online forums resulted in its inclusion in the dictionary. This is because the internet has so much to do with its popularity. By the way, the first recorded use of OMG was in 1917. However, it only became popular recently.

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Words are easy to find

Live dictionaries are efficient and flexible. If you want to find a word, you search for it. You can see all the meanings, pronunciations, and how to use it in a sentence. Live dictionaries improve your language comprehension. An adult native English speaker knows about 20,000 words. However, many English speakers hear some words but do not comprehend their whole meaning.

Using a live dictionary helps clarify confusing words. For example, several English speakers have difficulties using the correct term, especially if the words are nearly similar, such as principle and principal, advise/advice, affect/effect, ensure/assure, breath/breathe, lose/loose, capital/capitol, and compliment/complement.

If you want to look up a word wherever you are, a live dictionary will be of great help. A search can immediately supply you with the word and its various meanings and applications, as you are already online. So, even if nearly all people are internet users, dictionaries can still be a part of their learning and working experience.

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