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How Mapping Software can help visualize and understand your company’s data



Mapping software connects user-based information to your specific business, creating recognizable and easily accessible information. It uses location data as interactive maps, harvesting the information as interactive maps, bringing insights into your consumers that would otherwise remain hidden among thousands of lines of information. The software is customized to individual businesses, meaning you’ll be able to focus on the areas critical to your company, whether that’s driving home sales, learning more about your target customer, or improving your supply chain.

Areas of Focus for Mapping Software

Organizations have become increasingly analytical with a stronger focus on data than ever before. Companies need an interactive platform to assess information, expanding beyond spreadsheets and generic interpretation. Manual interpretation can leave significant trends overlooked. It’s time-consuming and fails to utilize all data collected strategically. Automation can highlight hidden areas of data, capitalizing overlooked information by targeting specific parameters the company predetermines.

Effectively Target Your Customer Base

A product that fails to solve a problem isn’t going to succeed. Most marketing campaigns will highlight a specific set of qualities that cater to their audience, whether geographic location or a particular set of traits. A company selling winter dog apparel is going to struggle selling items in Florida. Still, a company focused on targeting small dog owners who vacation there may do exceptionally well during the winter months. An experienced company would create a radius map around specific areas catering to “snowbird” populations (often senior people with a vacation home). From there, they can visualize sales opportunities.

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Radius mapping allows a company to focus on a specific geographical point (such as an address, zip code, or specific area). Company data is input into the map, giving a geographical representation of your customer’s purchasing behavior. If your company sees an uptick in purchases within a specific region, adding additional sales or customer service support to the boundary makes logical sense. It allows the company growth and other resources without wasted effort. Likewise, suppose a specific radius map indicates that customers are more likely to visit your establishment or website on certain days. In that case, launching promotions or exclusive events may help increase foot traffic.

How Mapping Software can help visualize

How Mapping Software can help visualize and understand your company’s data

Cost Savings from Efficiency

Whether you’re looking to streamline your automation process or you want to target workflow production, a GIS can bring notable improvement to your company. Identify critical areas of your current business, including the supply chain and distances traveled between the two. Proper mapping will reduce logistics and improve costs of carrying out projects (for example, at-home delivery or shipping routes). By evaluating the current distances traveled, route changes, additional warehouses, new store locations, or other cost-saving efforts can be established ahead of time.

Improve Business Decision Making

Setting up business locations, including zoning, planning, and customer base, is crucial to sales targets. The distance calculation tool can determine the distance between two or more locations, giving you distance-based data on your company. You can also optimize multiple routes efficiently instead of wasting time, energy, and valuable resources on inefficient routes. This data can improve your company’s current setup and demonstrate the optimal areas for expansion based on existing customer demographics. After all, if you know that most of your customer base is located in Carson City, Nevada, opening a new storefront location within the city would make logical sense. If a storefront isn’t feasible, offering next-day shipping may improve customer retention.

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Establish Geographic Boundaries

Whether you’re looking to define areas based on zip code, districts, or individual markers, you’ll be able to optimize each region based on specific parameters. For businesses with multiple locations, designating specific stores to a geographical location is a substantial benefit. Additionally, users can identify particular consumer habits through heat mapping (showing sales or population density, for example). Each area can be defined as a different color, giving you an interactive mapping system defined by demographic data or specific numerical data. These boundaries can help you break down sales per region, provide details into future expansions, and outline the current staffing challenges you may be facing. Overworked employees are unhappy employees. Adding a few extra sales representatives can divide heavier populations, making it easier to manage accounts.

Benefits of Optimized Territories

One drawback of manual territory division is the uneven distribution of area. An unbalanced territory brings stress and anxiety to the sales team. For example, a team with a small region may face minimal opportunity to work. Alternatively, a team spaced over a massive territory will fail to service all prospective customers and current clientele adequately.

For many businesses, optimizing territories starts with business growth but fails to consider expected expansion. Expanding its territory isn’t always the option if a company is thriving with one sales rep within a region. Look at the projections for the next quarter; are they expected to grow, shrink, or stay constant? If the area is expected to grow, shrinking the territory may make sense for account management. Mapping software highlights current growth areas within a company while providing insight to territory division on multiple factors.

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Searching for Hidden Insights with Data Visualization

Massive amounts of data are collected every single day. Without mapping software, these insights are added into stacks of text, requiring individual decoding. Most of these charts are static and repetitive, offering little comprehension without multidimensional integration. With mapping software, users can manually manipulate different data demographics to interpret the information they need without scrolling through thousands of records.

For example, if you’re trying to narrow down a specific demographic to target your products, knowing the average sales purchase, items purchased, and frequency of purchasing can help you determine an appropriate sales funnel (often with discounts, sales, or coupons).

Update Your System Effortlessly

Territory maps are only beneficial if they’re accurate. Over time, data changes with an influx of new customers. Competitors emerge, industries shift, and consumer behavior adapts over time. Mapping software enables real-time updates with the integration of third-party sources. Simply make the needed changes, update your results, and continue to monitor your efforts.

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