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How mobile gaming has exploded in the US



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Mobile gaming has increased in popularity over the course of the last few years and even more in the last year and a half due to the pandemic. Brand new interactive games are being developed on a near daily basis and they’re seeing huge surges in popularity in the US. Americans seem to be more than excited to be able to sit down and gamble from the comfort of their own home.

With the internet continuing to improve, grow and expand, every aspect of life is changing as well. While before casinos and physical gambling venues used to be a great form of entertainment, the internet has now made it available for players to have the same experience in the palm of their hand. Users now must rely on their smartphones in order to have a good time and find hobbies or entertainment. In this case, the online gaming sector has gained a lot of attention, and it continues to increase in popularity.

People are fascinated with the idea of having everything conveniently placed in their phones. Whether this is the ability to read a book, buy a plane ticket, shop for groceries, or even play games at any time anywhere. Nowadays, the mobile experience allows people to be movable and to experience things without having to be physically there to live them. Even virtual reality has made games so surreal that users might have the feeling as if they were in an actual casino playing a game.

How has mobile gaming exploded in the US?

Research has shown that there are over 2.6 billion players across the globe playing online continuously, and predictions have shown that in nearly 5 years this number could be multiplied. Online platforms such as have given their players the opportunities to find entertainment and fun distraction simply by accessing a page online. The main reason why mobile gaming has exploded in the US is all attributed to convenience. Players enjoy having these games in the palm of their hand, and they are even far more enthusiastic about the idea of being able to play at any time. People can be playing while being in a waiting room at the doctor, on the train ride home, or even having the casino experience without even having to leave the house.

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Has COVID increased online gaming?

Absolutely! Numbers have shown that when people were confined at home, they searched for entertainment online and this is mainly when gaming took off and increased dramatically given that everyone was online at all times. While there are numerous ways of entertainment, online gambling can definitively hook people into continuing to play and therefore the pandemic served as an increase for players to join these online platforms.

The online gambling world continues being a growing industry with no end in sight. In only 2019, the online gambling industry in the US recorded $135 billion in annual revenue, and this was even before the pandemic took over and increased the visits and plays in these online gambling sites. This industry has transformed completely the way that games used to work, and now it has made them more interactive and engaging so that players are hooked, and they continue on playing day by day. It is not hard for players to get hooked on this online experience. All the games are improved continuously, and newer and faster versions are developed for the players to never get bored and to continue finding different game options to play. The vast opportunities of online gaming are only increasing, and not only does this make the online gambling market a successful industry, but in the case of gamers, they are being offered top notch technologies with the latest entertainment opportunities out there.


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