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How Old Is Marin Kitagawa? My Dress Up Darling Marin Kitagawa Age, Height, Bio and More



Marin Kitagawa age

Even though it hasn’t been long since her anime and manga debut, Marin Kitagawa is one of the year’s cutest anime girls. But because she’s too cute, it didn’t take long for people to fall madly in love with her.

One of the main characters in the anime, My Dress-Up Darling, also known as Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru, is a blonde beauty. She is an otaku just like us who enjoys playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, and then dressing up as her favorite character. And with the aid of her pal Wakana Gojo, she always sports a magnificent costume.

It makes sense that you would want to know Marin Kitagawa’s age, given how well-known she is as a character. In order to learn more about the character, we will examine additional data, such as Marin’s height and more, in addition to her age, which I will address in this post.

Let’s go right into the questions to learn more about Marin Kitagawa age, height and what makes her so well-liked among otaku.

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Marin Kitagawa’s physical appearance

She is thin and overweight, and her eyes are a dark pink color with light skin. Her waist is smaller than the rest of her body. She has long, reddish pink or orange highlights in her blonde silk hair that reach her pubic region. She has bangs that cover much of her brow and brow hairs.

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She has long, straight hair that is styled in a bun, a single ponytail on top, a double ponytail on top, a double knot on top, and other variations. Her ear was pierced. When she goes out, she dresses appropriately for the situation. She wears a white button-down shirt and a checkered skirt at school.

Marin Kitagawa age

Since her mother went away when Marin was still fairly little and was left in her father’s custody, she has not had an easy existence. landed a part-time position as a novice model. Her age in the series was questioned as a result of this.

Marin Kitagawa is only 15 years old, even though she could look elderly when cosplaying as Black Lobelia, Veronica, or Liz the Succubus. Fans shouldn’t be surprised since she is still a high school student. However, the character’s appearance and styling are older than someone her age during the series. Therefore, it is simple to comprehend why it can lead to some perplexity.

Outside of cosplay, Marin is a stunning and thin young woman. For her age, she is pretty tall. She is about 164 cm (5’412″) tall in the series. Her beautiful brown eyes contrast with her fair skin. Even when she is not cosplaying, she frequently wears dark pink contacts.

Gojou is just a few weeks older than Marin, who turns five on March 5. Although fans frequently believe she is older than Juju, she is actually younger.

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When is birthday of Marin Kitagawa?

The stunning blonde was born on March 5, although her birth year is unknown. The official Twitter account for the anime verified that the birthdate is canon.

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Since Marin was born on March 5, her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she has a personality quite similar to that of a Pisces. Although lavish and messy, she is also fairly mature and insightful. She is sympathetic, open-minded, and not selfish.

Marin Kitagawa personality

Marin is a particularly unique waifu, unlike other female commanders in the manga series. She is actually an otaku, even though it seems like she enjoys the outdoors. She needs to obey a range of actors that she adores. Shizuku Shiro from Soiled Schoolgirl 2 is one of her favorite characters (and one of her favorites).

This could be a gothic slave-style character dressed as an S&M-obsessed woman. Marin frequently plays eroge video games because she doesn’t seem intimidated by long-term tasks.

She is a confident woman. Despite being an otaku, she has many friends. She doesn’t hesitate to share her interests with others. A really receptive woman. She doesn’t pick anyone and is always ready to converse with anyone (besides probably the most impolite).

Quick facts about Marin Kitagawa

  • Popularly known as cosplay, Marin Kitagawa is highly tenacious.
  • She adores gyaru, one of Japan’s most traditional fashion fads.
  • The girl Marin is highly encouraging.
  • She’s a well-liked extrovert.
  • Shizuku-tan is the object of Marin’s obsession.
  • Marin appears untrained in swimming or even floating, despite her graceful manner and love of beaches.
  • She had only ever appreciated Gojo’s costume-making skills up until that point.
  • She began to like Gojo due to their frequent meetings, but she tried to mask her feelings by remaining upbeat.
  • Gojo dozed off as Se voiced her emotions over the phone.


1. Who Are the Parents of Marin Kitagawa?

Since Marin’s parents were not explicitly mentioned in the narrative, little is known about them. We know Marin is an independent woman who supports herself financially by working as a part-time amateur model.

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Although her parents’ names are unknown, it was revealed early that Marin’s mother died from the disease when Marin was still a little child. Her father is still alive and well and adores Marin, but he is frequently called away for work and cannot spend as much time with Marin as he would like to. Her father hasn’t been introduced to us yet, but there’s a high chance he will do so soon.

2. What are My favorite Marin Kitagawa Measurements?

Marin has a close-to-perfect physical composition. Marin’s measures are, respectively, 88.6, 58.7, and 84.8. Marin is someone who eats a lot yet doesn’t put on weight.

3. Who is the voice actor for Marin Kitagawa?

Because of the voice actors’ portrayals of them and how they convey their emotions, many anime characters have become incredibly well-known. The experience will be ruined if the ideal voice actor doesn’t speak to your favorite characters.

Fortunately, Marin Kitagawa’s character doesn’t suffer because she has access to some top voice actors to make her come to life. Hina Suguta performs her character’s voice in Japanese, and Amanda Lee performs it in English.

Final thoughts

This is about Marin Kitagawa age, height, personality, parents, and everything you must know.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and if you liked the information, share it with your anime-lover friends.

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