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How Technology is Transforming Public Services



The provision of on-demand technological resources via the internet is otherwise known as cloud technology. While cloud technology has been evolving and growing for some time, it really hit its peak during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because global governments were required to provide urgent services, such as online education and emergency hotlines. To that avail, cloud technology became a lifeline. In fact, cloud technology allows governments to obtain information from providers as and when they need to do so. This enables quick response times to citizens, all in the absence of government-run data servers and centers.

Cloud-Powered Citizen Hotlines

Whether it’s domestic abuse help or suicide prevention, it’s very common for individuals to call a public hotline in a crisis. Once upon a time, these hotlines were based in traditional call centers; however, cloud technology has removed the need for these call centers.

Today, there are online telephone systems, allowing users to use one phone number that reaches multiple workers. This way, hotline workers were able to continue working throughout the pandemic, expanding their reach, and helping as many people in need as possible. Similarly, cloud technology makes it easier for these workers to work unsociable hours, as they’re not required to travel to a call center; they can, instead, work from the comfort of their own homes.

Moreover, cloud technology has allowed hotlines to expand their services. Now, they can offer a lot more than just phone calls. Instead, they can be accessed via social media platforms and live chats. The more options that are available for users, the easier it is for them to reach out in a way they’re most comfortable with.

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Cloud Learning

As previously mentioned, the global lockdown made the need for cloud technology stronger than ever. This is especially true of school children and college students, as their faculties were forced to close their doors, leading to online learning becoming the norm. During our youth especially, education is more important than ever. As a result, governments across the globe couldn’t simply allow students to go without education for all this time; a viable alternative had to be found.

Although we’re now able to enter the classroom safely and legally, many educational establishments are still taking the remote or hybrid approach. This is because some individuals are finding it easier to engage with lessons when they’re in the comfort of their own homes. Others are benefitting from the healthier balance between school and life that remote or hybrid learning allows for. Moreover, remote learning allows children to experience new places without missing out on valuable teaching. For instance, they could be on vacation in an exotic country, all while still engaging in the same lessons as the rest of their class. Ultimately, cloud technology introduces freedom and flexibility into schooling.

Financial Relief Cloud Computing

Following on from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it placed a lot of individuals and businesses in financial uncertainty. We’ve since emerged from the global lockdown; however, we’re now in the midst of a worldwide cost-of-living crisis. Despite this, cloud technology has facilitated the public sector in managing the overwhelming demand for financial relief packages.

More people are in poverty than ever before, and they require instant relief from government bodies. Without cloud technology, these people would be forced to wait days for life-saving financial support. With cloud-powered portals, though, people in need can be provided with funding almost instantly. The need for cloud-based financial support portals has never been so important, and it has been extremely successful so far. People have never been able to receive assistance so quickly.

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