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How to Boost Business on a Shoestring Budget



Breaking even and turning a profit are frequently complex and expensive tasks for many businesses in the post-pandemic era. Some crucial operations, such as marketing and business development, are always underfunded, and corporate training can be expensive.

However, books can be a great way to learn how to boost business on a shoestring budget, without investing in expensive training courses. Here are a few marketing and sales tips straight from some of the top-selling business books.

Use social media to boost your business

Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and a million more sites strategically. Social media marketing might be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Effective social media marketing starts with knowing your target demographic and creating a content strategy to reach and impact them.

Get a mailing list

You know a lot about your business, or you wouldn’t have started it. Unbeknownst to you, giving away some of that knowledge for free can persuade clients and prospects to give you their email addresses. You can provide essential advice on shooting better images on family occasions if you’re a photographer. If you own a garden shop, you can advise customers on preparing garden beds for the spring and winter. And all they need to do is provide you with an email address to send it to.”

Make your clients your sales force

Follow the advice in The Referral Engine to develop one of the top marketing strategies: When a referral strategy dominates your business thinking, you start asking “What can I give?” or “How can I serve?” instead of “What can I sell?” You start looking for and building strategic partner relationships to bring value, not just to get in front of new prospects.

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Guest blogging and article promo

Creating a blog with exceptional content promotes a product or service. It is a popular and effective marketing strategy. If your brand is struggling to gain traction, guest blogging or article marketing may be for you. It pays to be strategic in low-cost marketing.

Read more content from books and businesses

Leaders are known to be voracious readers. Reading about other people’s successes or failures can speed a journey and expand a business. “Those who cannot read have no advantage over those who can,” says author Ryan Holiday.

Business books show you how others have handled similar challenges. They can teach tricks and develop ideas. They may reveal new ways of living or thinking or provide much-needed motivation.

They save you from making all your own mistakes and having to learn everything from scratch. Instead, you can learn from others’ mistakes. You can spot their mistakes and pivot before it’s too late. You can use their tried-and-true growth strategies without hesitation.


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