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How to catch Shiny Tyrant and Amaura in Pokemon Go?



catch shiny tyrant and amaura

How to catch Shiny Tyrant and Amaura in Pokemon Go? Adventure Week, Pokemon Go’s fossil-focused event is back for its 2023 edition. The occasion will begin at 10:00 AM local time on Thursday, July 27, 2023, and end at 8:00 PM local time on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. The program will concentrate on rock-type and fossil-based pocket monsters. Other highlights of the occasion include the debuts of Shiny Amoura and Shiny Tyrant.

These are the fossil Pokemon of Generation VI of the major series games. These critters were presented to Pokemon Go during Adventure Week 2022. Since then gamers have been waiting to bring their shining forms. Finally, the wait is over now, and this blog will advise you on how you can obtain Tyrant and Shiny Amaura in the forthcoming weeks.

What are the methods to obtain Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura in Pokemon Go?

There are 3 methods to obtain Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura in Pokemon Go during Adventure Week 2023. They are as follows:

  • Wild encounter
  • Egg army
  • Field research encounter
  • Collection challenge

Pokemon Go: The Most Comfortable Path to Catch Shiny Tyrant and Amaura in Wild Encounters

This is the most effortless procedure to obtain Shiny Amaura and Tyrant during Adventure Week 2023. All you have to do is move around the game’s overworld, and these animals will pop up at you at random. Although this is a more effortless method, it is the short reliable method as Amaura or Tyrant are slightly likely to spawn here.

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To grow your probability of encountering Shiny variants of these Pokemon, consider utilizing Incense. This will grow the number of Pokemon generating near you, effectively increasing their chances of being shiny.

Other Shiny Pokemon can also be available to capture in the wild for the duration of Journey Week 2023. The listing consists of Omanyte, Cranidos, Tirtouga, Aerodactyl, and greater. Please notice that the perfect way might not be exceptional or maximum efficient.

Best method to catch Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura in Pokemon Go: 7km Egg Army

Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura will also be available via 7km eggs. For eggs obtained during this event, Amaura, Tyrant, Tortouga, and Archen will have more elevated priority to hatch from these eggs.

It has been approved by Niantic that gamers will have a higher probability of catching the Egg Seekers Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura during the occasion. Blended with the point that eggs you hatch during this time will only bring half the term to hatch, this is by far the most suitable method to obtain these creatures in their shiny form.

Other methods to catch Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura: Field Research Encounter and Collection Challenge

You can obtain event-themed field research assignments during the upcoming week by spinning Pokestops. Finishing field research assignments will provide you an opportunity to encounter Tyrant and Amaura, where they can shine. You’re also more likely to end up with a high-IV version of these creatures via this process.

Finally, there will be a Collection Challenge during this occasion, where you will likely have to manage different Fossil or Rock-type Pokemon. As a prize for finishing this challenge, you can obtain an encounter with Shiny Tyrant and Shiny Amaura.

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How to obtain Shiny Tyrantrum and Shiny Auroras in Pokemon Go?

Tyrantrums or Auroras cannot be discovered in the wild or as prizes in the GO Battle League. So the only path to obtain Tyrantrum and Auroras is to become Tyrant and Amaura respectively.

You can become a Shiny Tyrant into a Shiny Tyrantrum utilizing 50 Tyrant Candy during daylight hours, while it brings 50 Amaura Candy and nighttime to become Shiny Amaura into Shiny Auroras in Pokemon Go.

Another focus point of Adventure Week 2023 in Pokemon Go is the debut of Mega Tyranitar, an extremely strong pocket monster. Also, keeping Tyrant and Amaura’s Mega Evolution active while capturing them will provide you extra candy for catching them.


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