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How To Earn A Living Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Mind



The human mind is one of the last scientific frontiers. Researchers think they have a pretty good idea of how the universe works, but they still haven’t got a handle on how the brain processes information, let alone produces subjective experiences. 

For this reason, there are numerous opportunities to earn a living unraveling the mysteries of the mind. Organizations are looking for people who understand how this mysterious organ works, and how to probe it. 

So, what options are available if you want this type of career? Let’s take a look. 

Look For A Career In Neuroscience

Careers in neuroscience are popular because of their fascinating subject matter and high pay. Researchers in this field get to explore interesting topics to do with the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, trying to understand the function of these systems. 

Most people in the field are working towards producing better medicines for people by understanding human biology better. However, some researchers also work on behalf of governments and companies with other goals. 

Provide Consulting Services

Another approach to earning a living related to the human mind is via consulting services. Companies and organizations are constantly looking for people who can plumb the depths of the human spirit and provide them with useful insights. 

For example, a company might want to know more about how a particular initiative at work will affect employee morale and perceptions. Understanding these dynamics is a valuable skill, and something firms want to improve their internal relations. 

If you become a psychologist, you could also help schools improve how they teach their students, enabling them to achieve better results in end-of-year examinations. A neuroscientist could consult with companies on how to make their solutions and services more user-friendly. 

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Teach About The Brain And Mind

You can also get into one of these careers by teaching about the brain and mind. Schools, colleges, and universities are looking for people who educate their students on the brain, psychology, and even consciousness. 

Teaching can be a fun and rewarding career. Being a part of an educational institution gives you somewhere you can call home. Plus, you’re also likely to receive a decent pension. 

Write A Book Or A Blog On The Mind

Another approach is to stick with a conventional career but write books and blogs on the mind in your spare time. The benefit of this approach is you get to write about the things you care about, instead of having to submit to organizational imperatives. 

If successful, book-writing can be exceptionally lucrative. Selling a million copies of a book can make you a fortune and set you up for life. 

What’s more, the segment is ripe and open to new writers able to make contributions. The mind is slowly becoming recognized as a new frontier in science, particularly consciousness, and people want to learn more about it where they can. This trend means that books on the topic are liable to become more popular going forward, with people wanting to understand how the mind works for their own benefit and that of others. 

Develop New AI Applications

Developing new AI applications is also a route to unraveling the mysteries of the mind. Recreating the brain in a computer could provide insights into how it works. 

Geoffrey Hinton, the “godfather” of AI, began his journey to creating intelligent machines in the 1970s because he wanted to understand more about how the brain works. The brilliant scientist realized that the only way to make computers think in ways similar to people was to give them structures that resembled those in the brain. 

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As such, developing AI applications could provide you with deeper insights into the functioning of the mind. Developing new technologies could provide parallels to how the brain works. 

Explore Consumer Behavior

You can also delve deeper into the human mind by considering a career in analyzing consumer behavior. Corporations are continually searching for people who understand how customers make decisions. Insights you provide could be worth millions of dollars to their bottom lines. 

Exploring consumer behavior mainly involves developing theories and collecting data from online surveys and user website interactions. Becoming someone who can understand this information and put the entire picture together for companies puts you in an excellent position to earn money and make your career more lucrative. 

Related to this idea, you might also want to consider becoming a user experience researcher. These professionals explore how people feel when interacting with companies’ products and services using various methods, such as interviews. Being able to design attractive sales funnels is a tremendous skill, and something companies are willing to pay decent salaries for you to do. 

Work In Cognitive Science

Another approach is to work as a cognitive scientist. These professionals focus on how the human mind processes information, providing insights for other academics and society more widely. 

Cognitive scientists are valuable because they enable society to probe human nature more deeply and understand it better. Politicians and decision-makers can then use this information to design optimal policies, helping to move toward a more perfect society. 

Multiple examples of the impact of cognitive scientists on the lives of ordinary people already exist. For example, red asphalt roads are an invention of cognitive scientists as they looked for ways to calm motorists without using speed traps, bumps, or excessive signage. Another example is stores placing fewer unhealthy snacks at the checkout. This simple change is estimated to have resulted in a massive reduction in people grabbing unhealthy items before they leave the shop. 

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The cool thing about becoming a cognitive scientist is how research always throws up unexpected results. The moment you think you understand human cognition, it gives you something else to ponder. 


In summary, earning a living while unraveling the mysteries of the mind is now possible. Numerous opportunities exist and many are extremely well-paid, which is a nice bonus.


Just remember, most of these positions require substantial training, so start your journey sooner rather than later. 

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