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How To Find Apps That Can Help In Home Routine



Home routine has never been associated with technology but with something calm and cozy. However, those times are long gone. Now, developers have created tons of amazing organization applications that can help anyone in managing their homes and duties. Thanks to them, you can plan meals for your family, your homework, different tasks, etc.

Even if you are a perfect housewife, your brain has to cope with tons of tasks daily. Budgeting, grocery, cooking, and maintenance are not easy to handle when you are overwhelmed with various tasks. In order not to forget anything, you need a good iPhone planner. Below, you will find a list of the best apps that will help you manage each aspect of your home routine.

LiLy – Plant Identification

This app was designed for all plant lovers and moreover, the recommended age for using it is 4+. It means that it is very easy to use and navigate. If you are looking for an app that identifies plants, you have found it. Lily -Plant Identification allows you to explore the green universe. Many people are fond of plants and this application helps them receive information on and assistance with those plants they need.

Lily is great for Apple devices. You can install it right on your iPhone and identify plants you do not know yet but want to know. Everyone has faced the issue of admiring a plant but having no idea of what it was. Now, the problem is fully solved. All you need to do is to take a photo of the plant and receive prompt results.

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It contains plenty of options that will be very helpful and add some more interesting plants to your collection. You can collect as many species as you wish now. You can even collect the database of plants and search for new samples. The results are very accurate.

In the app database, you will find a detailed description of each plant, including how to take care of it, its history, etc. That iOS app is really helpful when it comes to your daily routine. It will send you reminders of when to water your plants and give them good care.

Moreover, you will be able to discuss all problems with experts right in the app. It’s very time-efficient and effective. A subscription will be charged in your iTunes account automatically unless you cancel it.

Plan to eat

This app is created for meal planning. You will find it for both iOS and Android devices. It is called to save your time. With the help of Plan to eat, you will be able to create weekly menus and shopping lists. The cost is very nominal and you will need to pay $39 per year after your 30-day free trial expires.

It allows you to collect recipes from blogs and cookbooks. Your grocery lists can be created automatically from your weekly calendar. If you have a constant headache about what to cook for yourself or your family and write endless grocery lists, this is one of the best apps to use. It will definitely facilitate your home routines.

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YNAB — You Need a Budget

When speaking about organizing apps, we cannot neglect budget managing tools. YNAB is one of them. It was designed to help users who struggle to keep their finances in order. Set goals and keep track of your money easily. You can do it alone or together with your partner.

The app works both for Apple and Android devices. It offers more than 100 online workshops. From each of them, you will learn about money management and budgeting. YNAB offers 34 days for free after which, you will be charged $11.99/month or $84/year.


Evernote is a great home management app that is great not only for managing your household and home routine but also for your everyday life or studies. You can find it on iTunes and Play Market. It works great for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. The app is designed for both personal and professional use.

It allows you to take notes, create lists, save online content, and adjust and manage your schedule. There is a chance to use it for free when using the basic version. The Premium version will cost you $7.99/month. With it, you will be able to access all advanced features.


This is an app that will plan your meals, organize the schedule for your family, and keep all of your to-do lists. Such an organizer in your pocket may become one of your favorites. Create grocery lists, store recipes, and plan your meals with it. You can even create color-coded shared family schedules with the help of Cozi.

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Cozi allows you to create a journal and send updates to all family members. Of course, it is not as advanced as the rest of the apps on that list but it has one biggest benefit. It is totally free!

The bottom line

Being overloaded with your household duties is not a big deal. In such a mess, you can forget about many important things. Thankfully, developers solved some of your problems regarding your household routines. The five apps on the list above will help you save tons of your time and nerves!

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