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How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 (Fix Within Minutes)



How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320

Hulu is one of the most prominent streaming platforms that offer a variety of movies, TV shows. The surging popularity of OTT platforms was commendable during lockdown days and is still in trend. But the occurrence of errors is pretty common nowadays in such streaming apps. But P-Dev320 is the most common error that is irking a lot of streamers. These Error codes usually flash on any device while streaming online like Xbox One, iPhone, Roku, Android, and Smart TVs, etc. So How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320? Well, to know this, read out the post to the end and the issue will be fixed in minutes. Scroll down to discover everything regarding it here.

Without knowing the root cause of the issue, you can’t fix that, right? So if you want to fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320, then you need to know the reason for the occurrence of this error. So let us first discuss the possible reasons for Hulu Error Code P-Dev320.

Possible Reasons of HULU Error code P-DEV320:

Whenever the error HULU Error code P-DEV320 occurs, it appears as a message like-

  • We’re having trouble playing this On.
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Some variants of this error may also occur –

  • Hulu Error Code: P-DEV318
  • Hulu Error Code: P-DEV322

Error p-dev320 and its variants p-dev318 and p-dev322 error codes may appear on any device that is executing the Hulu app, which majorly includes the Hulu web player in your web browser. The major obvious reason could be the network connectivity problem. Usually, Hulu playback failures occur due to an outdated app.

There could be many reasons for the occurrence of such error code like –

  • It could be due to the provider’s end. 
  • It can be Network or Connectivity issue
  • the application you are using may be Outdated.
  • The web browser you are currently accessing is an older version.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320?

The primary solution to this problem is basic troubleshooting. Usually, troubleshooting fixes such errors easily. What do you need to do for such troubleshooting? Nothing much, just follow these simple steps –

Fix #1: Clear your cache and data

Whenever you access the Hulu app, it consistently stores your data on your device although that is only temporary data. This is the basis for your application’s performance. But as time passes, this cache data gets corrupted and starts causing troubling streaming. So what you all have to do is to delete those files permanently so that the app can be stabilized and the performance of the app can be improvised.

Do you know how to clear the cache on Androids, iPhone, iOS? Nope? Then don’t worry just follow this guide –

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How to clear the Hulu cache on different devices?

Android TV, Phone, and Tablet:

  • Initially move to Settings
  • Redirect to Apps (Applications for TV)
  • Select Hulu app from it
  • Then go to the Storage part.
  • Make a Tap on Clear Cache and then click on Clear Data.

On iOS:

  • Move to Settings
  • Go to General  ones
  • Select Storage option.
  • Go to Hulu.
  • Delete and finally uninstall the application.
  • You can reinstall it via the apps store too.

On Fire TV:

  • Move to the Settings tab
  • Go to the Applications part
  • Move to Manage Installed Applications
  • Pick Hulu from it > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

For Xbox One :

  1. Initially go to the Menu option.
  2. Select the My Games and Apps option from it.
  3. Now pick the apps and then highlight the HULU app
  4. After this go to the menu button of your controller
  5. Now choose the manage apps option.
  6. Finally clear data quickly and it’s done !!

Fix #2: Have a quick check on your internet connection.

If your internet connection is not stabilized then also it can raise problems for you. So it is better to first check on your internet connection and see if it is functioning properly or not. Because this could be the ultimate reason for Hulu to cause errors while streaming your favorite movie or show. This could lead to Hulu error P-Dev320.

If you find your internet to be slow then perform these steps :

  • Initially close all the apps that are running in the background as they usually slow down the process and slowdowns the internet services.
  • Take a sneak peek into all the devices that are connected with your home network and remove them quickly.
  •  After this, try to connect your gadget to the router while using an Ethernet cable.
  • Even after doing all these, it is not functioning well, then keep your router in close proximity areas of your device.
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Fix #3: Check Internet Speeds :

The following are the necessary speeds that you need to watch or stream your favorite properly on your HULU application.

  1. 3Mbps for movies, episodes
  2.  8Mbps for Live streaming
  3. 12Mbps for any 4K Content

So ensure that you are getting the right speeds while streaming to the Hulu app.

Fix #4; Power cycle.

Try to turn on or off quickly all the devices ar the possible places that you think maybe leading the issue. You can resolve connectivity issues by restarting your device and network equipment also.

Note: Even after doing all these, if the Hulu P-Dev320 error still exists then keep a check on Hulu blackout. As services may be down on Hulu’s end. Then you can’t do anything except waiting for the error to resolve on the company’s end.

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