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How to Fix Video TDR Failure Error on Windows 10?



Hey Readers, pissed off of Video TDR failure Error on your Windows 10 OS? Want to know How to Fix Video TDR Failure Error on Windows 10? Then look no further, as we have intended this complete post by keeping in view your questions. So just scroll down and discover everything here.

BSOD – Blue Screen of Death

We can understand how much we get irked whenever this happens. You are enjoying any video or want to play any video, but it shows you a blue screen, you try to know what exactly happened by restarting the PC again and again but gets the same result. Right? And along with it , it shows you a message like “Video TDR failure”. Now you must want to know what exactly this error is, How this occurs and How can you get rid off it? Then CONGRATULATIONS buddies, you have landed at an appropriate place. Now without wasting your precious time much, let us make you understand what it is actually.

First of all, this problem is known as blue screen of death (BSOD).

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Why Video TDR Failure Error occurs?

There are many possible reasons that can lead to Video TDR failure like –

  • driver problem
  • corrupted system file
  • over-clocked components
  • bad memory issue
  • hard drive problem
  • The display driver is outdated.
  • Too many programs are running in the background.
  • insufficient system cooling
  • graphics card driver is faulty
  • dysfunctional graphics card
  • insufficient system power

If you want to resolve this problem, you must first know the root cause of the disease, right? Similarly, here to apply right troubleshooting technique, you must be aware about the real cause of the problem. Once you get to know about it, half of the race will be won.

How to Fix Video TDR Failure Error?

One thing, that you must keep in mind is that, you have to fix this error as soon as possible for you as if you don’t do it timely, then your system may get into infinite loop of rebooting. This will finally lead you to get difficulty in accessing your files and it will become very tough to troubleshoot your issue properly.

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Method 1 : Clean Your Components

One of the main cause of Video TDR failure is the dirty components. This finally lead to Overheating of components. So first try to clean your components as it will automatically solve many of your system problems. the major parts where you need to draw your attention  are-

  • Cooling fans
  • Processor
  • Graphics Card

Method 2 : Update Video Driver

As the most common reason behind this error is your graphics card driver (atikmpag.sys, igdkmd64.sys and NVLDDMKM.SYS), you should update it. Because, Due to an incompatibility issue of the old driver with Windows, you may be encountering the blue screen error. So, To fix VIDEO TDR FAILURE, you must try to update the graphics card.

Method 3 : Go To Your Power Management Settings

Sometimes, power settings raise issues and causes hurdles in graphics system of your laptop or PC.

You can fix Video TDR failure error by disabling PCI Express. Follow this quick guide to fix it. –

  1. Type in Control Panel in your search bar and open the application.
  2. Change the View mode to Category.
  3. Move to Power options and select Hardware and Sound option.
  4. Then go to Change Plan settings.
  5. Go to change Advanced Power Settings link.
  6. Open PCI express, and turn on Link State Power Management completely.
  7. Apply the changes and reboot your system.
  8. And you are done, simple, right?

Method 4 : Install the Latest graphic driver from official website

We suggest you to uninstall the driver you are currently using and install the latest driver NVIDIA website if you don’t want to install the Microsoft driver. We will let you know how you can download the latest driver for graphic card . We request you to not download the drivers for Windows Vista or for Windows 7. So follow the steps written below.

Step 1: Initially open any Internet browser.

Step 2:  Try downloading the Display Driver Uninstaller.

Step 3: Run the Display Driver Uninstaller.

Step 4: Pick the option of clean and restart. This will automatically uninstall graphic driver.

Step 5: Look out for the NVIDIA website on the link.

Step 6: Pick suitable graphic card under manual driver search option

Step 7: Then you will be able to see the results. You need to download the latest version of graphic drivers. In our case this is GeForce 385.12 Driver- Beta

Step 8: Grab the second driver in list, i.e WHQL

Step 9: Mark Tick on Agree and download option later on. Confirm all the details further for the license of Customer use of NVIDIA.

Step 10: Install the latest graphic driver and restart your Windows.

Method 4 :Run CHKDSK Command

If you are still facing this issue then, you should repair basic disk issue. It also may solve video TDR failure error. To do it, follow the instructions.

  • Initially Open the command prompt as admin and Then, Type and execute the following command.

chkdsk /f /r C:

  • Here, C: is the drive letter. You can use a different one. Example: D: for local disk D.
  • Then, Press Y and hit  enter.
  • Reboot your PC.

It will repair basic disk errors. Sometimes, BSOD appears due to disk problem. In this case, it will resolve the problem.

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Final Words :

This is all about How to fix Video TDR Failure Error. I hope you would found it fruitful. If you found it informative, then don’t forget to share it maximum with your near and dear ones. I hope these methods would help you out. Apply these methods and do let me know in the comment section, which method worked for you. If you still have any queries, Do let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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