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How to get a starry skies in Minecraft



how to get a starry skies in minecraft

How to get a starry skies in Minecraft: Minecraft mods are available in unlimited shapes, sizes, and varieties, and some even decide to introduce new locations into the sandbox title. One such example is Starry Skies, a mod that introduces a new measurement (known as Starry Sky) based on the Planetoids global era mod for version 1.2.5 beta. It even comes with its own nether and stop variations.

With this mod, Minecraft fans can travel to systems like the hovering planet of the Starry Skies dimension. In addition to the eerie skies in the Nether and eventually the rare skies. The new dimensions come with some blocks and generated systems that players can also find in the vanilla game.

For Minecraft lovers who are interested in trying out the Starry Skies mod, there are a few ways to do so.

How to get/install a Starry Skies in Minecraft via CurseForge/Fabric

Even though fans can obtain Starry Skies through systems like ModRinth. The mod is not always updated to version 1.20.1 in many places. However, it is available for mod versions of the game through CurseForge, and the site also comes with its own modding software that can automatically install and update Starry Skies.

You don’t always need to apply the CurseForge software to load mods. The Starry Skies cloth is also available for Modelloader and can be easily added in the same manner. The only difference depends on the participant’s desire to be male or female.

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How to download Starry Skies through CurseForge

  • Go to and then download and install the website’s ModLoader utility by clicking the Get CurseForge App button at the top right of the page.
  • Next, go to the CurseForge page for Starry Skies and click the orange setup button.
  • Create a brand new profile on your Minecraft mod. Choose one you’ve already created in CurseForge, then save. Make sure the profile is about version 1.20.1 of the game.
  • After the setup process is complete. Press the play button and enjoy.

How to download Starry Skies in Minecraft via Content

  • Visit the download page for Fabric and installation of version 1.20 if you haven’t done so yet.
  • Go to Starry Skies’ CurseForge page. Then click the download button next to the orange CurseForge setup button. You should receive a .jar document for the mod.
  • Navigate to the mod folder created by putting the contents in your “.Minecraft” list and copy/paste the “.jar” record inside it.
  • To find the Foundations list on Windows, open the search bar next to your Start (Windows) button and enter %appdata%, which will find the folder that houses the Foundations directory. Then, open the “.Minecraft” folder and place the Starry Skies .jar file inside the mod folder.
  • For Mac, you can find the root folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft. Which can be located via Finder. Like Windows, pass or copy/paste the Starry Skies .jar record into the mod folder in the root folder.
  • After these steps, open Sport’s launcher and select Fabric from the model selector next to the green Set Up/Play button for the Minecraft Java Edition. If the stairs have been viewed effectively. The game must be loaded with Starry Skies installed.
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Regardless of whether you are using Curseforge or Fabric. The Starry Skies mod will need to be connected as soon as you climb the stairs. Next, all you have to do is create a Nether Portal out of packed ice and ignite it with flint and metal to enter the Starry skies dimension.

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