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How To Get Avatar Borders In Mobile Legends (ML)



Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most renowned MOBA games to date, and continues to skyrocket in popularity ratings. Although there are always dissatisfied players, Moonton tries to provide a variety of gimmicks and features in the game to make it more entertaining. One of those key features in Mobile Legends is Avatar Borders. It is a cosmetic item that players can equip on their profile. Avatar Borders come in either square or circular shapes but have different unique designs. This article will explain in detail the different types of Avatar Borders, how to obtain them, and how to set/change Avatar Borders.

Ways to Get Free Border Avatar in Mobile Legends

1. Update your Mobile Legend!

The first way to get a free border is you need to update your Mobile Legend app with the latest Mobile Legends Speedy Version. Go to your PlayStore on your smartphone. Then, update your ML by downloading the new version. Wait for your device to install the updated version. After that, claim the prize (border avatar) in-game event. Easy, right?

2. Live playing

To get a free avatar border in Mobile Legends, you may show off your skill and ability to play Mobile Legend by having live playing. There will be some players who are having live streaming to watch you. They may give you several gifts including a border avatar. Well, you might also get some friend requests though.

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3. Downloading the application

Let you download ‘Unlock all border ML’ on your PlayStore. Then, wait for your device to install it. Of course, you need to have a good internet connection first. After you are successful in installing the app, run the app. Choose the borders that you want to use. Anyway, for your information, this application only offers certain border avatars such as MPL Border, MSC Border, 5v5 Border, Bling Ring, etc. Remember, not all of the borders are available in this app.

Please, just follow the steps on how to get a free Speedy ML Border Avatar below for those of you who want to get those cool items:

  • Please make sure that you have updated the latest version of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, by checking on the Google Play platform page.
  • After that you can make sure if you don’t have this Speedy Avatar Border, by going to the Profile menu, then the Avatar option, after Change Avatar, then select Border Avatar and you slide down until you find the item.
  • Although you can get Border Avatar after 40% download, we recommend waiting for this process to finish, to check it, you have to check the icon.

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