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How to Get Discord Nitro Free (In-depth Guide)



How to get Discord nitro free

Is there any way to get Discord Nitro Free without spending any penny?

Everyone wants to get Discord Nitro free. But it is quite difficult. Here, I’m gonna share a few tips and tricks that will help you in getting Discord Nitro. To know these tricks, scroll more.

Discord is a digital distribution platform for instant messaging. It specializes in text, image, video, and audio communication between users in a chat.

It runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Benefits of Discord Nitro

  • GIF Avatars. This perk allows Nitro users to change their avatar into a moving GIF.
  • Random Discord Tag. This perk allows Nitro users to change their Discord tag into any number they like.
  • Custom and Animated Emojis. This perk allows Nitro users to use custom and animated emojis.  But for this, you need Nitro or Nitro classic.
  • High-Resolution Video. This perk gives Nitro users to screen-share with higher video quality. This perk also gives 1080p 60fps quality when they go live.
  • Bigger File Uploading. This perk allows Nitro users to upload files up to 100mb.
  • Server Boosting.  This perk allows Nitro users to boost their favorite servers. Power up your servers with 2 Server Boosts and share your love and support with your favorite communities!
  • Special Nitro Badge. This perk gives users a shiny Nitro user badge on the user’s profile.
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To get Discord Nitro, there are three ways. The first option is to buy it.

Second is to get Nitro through a discord. gift link. To do so, click Accept. There will be a confirmation window. Click Accept and you will get Nitro.

And the third one is through giveaway servers.

Every Discord users want to get access to Discord Nitro. As Discord Nitro comes with amazing features such as animated emojis, a special profile badge, and access to a huge online library with over $1000 worth of free games.

 To be a member of Discord Nitro, you need to pay some monthly fee. However, what to do if you are belonging to a family that is living on a tight budget and can’t afford any luxuries?

In that case, maybe you’re looking for some way to get Discord Nitro free!

Here, I will gonna explain all the ways to get Discord Nitro completely free.

Tips to get Discord Nitro Free:

1. Make Friends with Hypersquad Members

HypeSquad members get all kinds of special perks sent to them. For example, these Christmas members received an email telling them they would be able to gift 1 month of free Nitro to a member of their choosing.

2. Connect With PointsPrizes Members On Discord

PointsPrizes Discord community uses many tips and tricks to earn points quickly and without much effort. The best way is to join with PointsPrizes Members and find out the way to earn points quickly.

3. Earn Free PayPal Money With PointsPrizes

There is a website that helps you to earn free gift cards or direct cash payments. You can use the PointPrizes website to earn $20 of free PayPal money. You can then use the prizes to get Nitro free for at least 2 months.

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To do this, you’ll first need to earn 3000 points. This can be done relatively easily by completing surveys, offers, viewing ads, or mining for cryptocurrencies.

You will need to use strategies to earn points quickly on this website. Often the best method to earn points will depend on which country you live in.

But for this, you will need to have a PayPal account, and a bank account to link that too. Alternatively, you can also use PointsPrizes to earn free gift cards such as Steam wallet codes, PSN codes, etc.

Offers and surveys are the fastest ways to earn a good amount of points in a wealthy country. Otherwise, if you live in a poorer country, try cryptocurrency mining, referrals, watching ads, and daily bonuses.

4. Annual Nitro Subscription

Buy Annual Nitro Subscription will be the best way. Right now if you buy 10 months of Nitro for $99.99, then they will give you an extra 2 months of Discord Nitro free. This discount shouldn’t be underestimated.

Final Words

Well, This article is all about how to get Discord Nitro free. Hope You find these tips helpful. Share it with your family and friends. Give your feedback in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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