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How to Have a Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Date



Long-distance relationships are not easy by any means but, for the right person, it’s always worth it. On Valentine’s Day, when you’re surrounded by happy couples, you’ll probably miss that special someone more than ever. Thankfully, modern technology can keep you connected and make sure that you still amp up the romance for your Valentine, even if it is through a screen.

Around 14% of Americans are in a long-distance relationship, so you’re not alone. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to impress your long-distance partner this year, don’t worry; keep reading for our top virtual date ideas. 

Watch a Romantic Film Together

With so many activities having to be moved to a digital platform in the last couple of years, you can now use Netflix to host a watch party. This is a lot easier than trying to press play at the same time and hope for the best! You’ll both need a Netflix account and the Teleparty chrome extension, which will enable you to provide a link where you and that special someone can watch a film together. Video chat each other throughout, and it will be like you’re right next to each other. 

Not sure which film to pick out? It’s a problem amongst many couples! There are various ways to choose including using a Valentine’s Day infographic or relying on Netflix’s trusty algorithm to recommend the right option. Without these tools, there’s the danger of endlessly scrolling and not finding anything suitable.

Have a Dinner Date on Video Call

The options for this one are endless – all you need is a phone or laptop to chat with that special someone. If you’re both foodies who love to cook, you could come up with an idea in advance (eg. Italian food) and see what you each come up with. Alternatively, if takeout is more your style, try and grab something from the same (or similar) restaurants so it’ll feel like you’re eating together.

If you really trust your partner’s judgement, you could even order for each other! Use an app like Uber Eats and send their favorite meal over to their place. It can be fun to see what you pick for each other, and it’s really a test of how well you know your partner’s tastebuds. Don’t forget to get some wine, too, and have a virtual toast to love.

Send Them a Thoughtful Gift

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone how much you love them with a thoughtful present. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is even more important. Whether you buy something online and ship it directly to them, or you make something and post it, your partner will appreciate knowing that you planned ahead. 

In fact, this can turn into a romantic video chat date. Get each other a thoughtful present and don’t open it until Valentine’s Day, then you can see each other’s reactions and remember how much you truly mean to one another.

Overall, Valentine’s Day in a long distance relationship can be enjoyable. Take advantage of modern technology with these handy ideas, and you’ll be turning up the romance in no time.

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