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How to Hire an Enterprise Architect?



It has been a difficult task to hire Enterprise Architect. Enterprise Architects should be capable to work on such a platform that is continuously developing due to technologies. During an enterprise architect hiring, there is not a single certificate that helps to judge whether they are fit for the work or not. The enterprise architects have worked to link the technical expertise with business requirements.

Why is it important to hire Enterprise architect, who are best at their job? It’s because the architect has the responsibility to develop a project with millions of dollars, So the person should be an expert or well experienced otherwise it will put the money at a high risk whether it’s a company or a government project.

Until now the question remains unanswered: how to hire an enterprise architect? It will depend on some factors; let us discuss them first then we move further. When you go through this article you will know in which way you can find a good enterprise architect.

What is the level of your company? What type of projects does it handle?

There are a lot of companies that offer enterprise architecture services. So, the first factor you have to think about it that’s the level of the company whether the company is small, large, or medium-sized based on this. It will take the projects on the basis of the level of the company only. So, if it would be a large company and along with a long-term project, then the hiring candidate should be the best at the position. It has expertise in the field along with some years of experience then it would achieve the goal of the company and complete the project on time.

If the company is small or medium-sized then the projects will be short-term or normal, then you would hire a candidate with sufficient skills and relevant experience. As it can be handled by a known enterprise architect also with some guidance.

So, from these above-mentioned thoughts, you will know that there are two factors you have to consider for choosing an enterprise architect; type of company and the kind of project. Some projects need specialized enterprise architects while some will require the enterprise architects with the basic requirements only.

Job description

In this scenario, the enterprises are operating in a very challenging environment that destroys the traditional business model. Enterprise architecture consulting offers a lot of services that will help to compete with the faster innovating and leverage the foundational technologies such as cloud, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver quick results in a very interactive manner. So, that’s the main function of the enterprise architect. According to the company’s level and its project handling a suitable enterprise, the architect is required.

Now, on the basis of the requirement of the enterprise architect, the job description is created.

  • The job description will mention the requirements of the job
  • Qualification for the job of enterprise architect
  • Responsibility of the enterprise architect
  • Proven experience in related field
  • Required minimum experience
  • Participated in related projects
  • Relevant skills
  • List the required business and technical expertise

This clear description will only enforce the qualified people to apply for the job. And also helps the hiring company to think about the project’s goal, objective, the scope of the work and hire the best-skilled person who fits the job.

How to be sure whether the person is able or not?

When the person who is sitting in front of you is whether to do the task or fits for the job. You can analyze this by the certification and the experience of the person. Experience proves that the person has done the relevant work in the past. And certification proves the knowledge for the related field.


So, from this article, we conclude that hiring an enterprise architect is not an easy process. We have to deal with a variety of factors as no companies are the same and no projects are similar. To hire enterprise architect, there are two tricks that will surely help you that are the job description and the kind of project. As he/she is able to work in the related field or not.

I hope you will like this article and don’t face any queries while hiring the person as an Enterprise Architect.

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