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How To Monitor My Child’s Computer Remotely?



It’s a new norm these days to introduce children to computers as early as possible so that they can learn how to use them. Like most parents do you have also given a computer to your kids at an early age? If yes then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Here we will see how you can monitor your child’s computer remotely so that you can ensure their safety online. But before that let’s find out why it’s important to monitor your child’s screen.

Why Bother To See What Your Child Is Doing On Their Computer?

Giving a computer with an Internet facility to a teenager is like giving a loaded gun to a monkey, I mean it’s really dangerous. If you don’t keep an eye on your kid’s computer activities then they can easily get access to inappropriate content or face cyberbullying. Besides that they can also come in contact with online predators or even get kidnapped by strangers they meet online. To protect your kids from the evil side of the internet it is very important that you monitor all their activities on their computers.

How To Monitor My Child’s Computer Remotely?

If you can’t manage to sit beside your child all the time when they are using a laptop or computer to monitor their activities then you can take the help of computer monitoring software for parents. These child screen monitoring tools help you see exactly what your kid is doing on the PC without even them knowing.

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There are many such tools available online but if you ask me which one is the best computer monitoring software for parents then it is pcTattletale for sure. I say it with experience, as I have been using pcTatlletale for some time for tracking my employee’s computers. So if it can be used to track an employee’s computer why can’t it be used for monitoring your child’s Windows PC? You can read the dedicated review of pcTattletale on Spy Listicles to find out what this software is capable of and what it’s not.

How pcTattletale Can Help You Track Your Kids?

Here’s how pcTattletale can help your monitor your teenager’s activities on their computer screen

1. Screen Recording

pcTattletale records the target screen and allows you to see all their activities in the form of a video clip. You can play the recording on your pcTattletale dashboard with just a click of a button. The screen is recorded in HD format so you won’t have trouble seeing what your kid is doing on their screen.

For a clearer view, you can click on the full-screen mode to view the recordings on the full screen. You can also go forward and backward in the video if you want to skip some part or want to rewatch it. If you want you can also download the recordings. The recorded videos are sent to you via email.

2. Live Streaming

Yes, you can actually stream your kid’s computer screen on your device in real-time with pcTattletale. You just have to click on the LIVE button and if your child is currently using their PC you will be able to see it live. With this feature, no matter where you are you can see what your kid is doing on the computer in real-time.

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3. Keylogger

With screen recording and live viewing, you can see whatever your child does on their screen in the form of visuals like if they are playing video games, watching adult stuff, chatting with strangers, etc. A keylogger works differently as it records each word your child types on their keyboard.

Sometimes it is possible that the app may not be able to record each and every screen of your kid’s computer. At that time the keylogger can help you monitor your little one’s activities by knowing what they are searching online and by reading the messages they send to strangers on social medial platforms. It even tracks words typed in an incognito window, so you can basically check each and every browsing history of your child.

4. Activity Tracking

With this activity tracking feature, you can see at what time your kid is most active on their computer and which app or software they are using the most. This will help you know whether your child is using the computer for productive tasks like studying, learning something new, or wasting time on social media and games.

Also, if they are active at odd hours then it means they are off to something wrong that they don’t want you to know about. So if you see that your kid is active on their computer at midnight you must confront them about it.

Track Your Child’s Computer Without Them Knowing! Final Thoughts

Kids, especially teenagers have a very influential mind hence anyone can easily groom them online and take advantage of them. It is, therefore, your duty to keep a check on all their online activities to protect them from all the bad aspects of the internet. Besides that teenage boys also spend lots of their time playing games on their computers. So if you are keeping an eye on their computer screen you can prevent excessive screen time in your kids which may result in weak eyesight. There are not one but many good aspects of monitoring your kid’s computer activities.

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However, it is not possible to be with your kids all the time. Therefore you should invest in a child screen monitoring software like pcTattletale which allows you to remotely check your kid’s online activities on their computer.


1. Is pcTattletale Free?

It’s not free but you do get a free 7-day trial where you can test the software and its features. You only have to pay if you liked the app and want to buy it.

2. How Many Devices Can You track With pcTattletale?

You can monitor up to 3 devices from a single account. If you have more than one kid pcTattletale might just be the right option for you.

3. How Can I See What My Child Is Doing On Their PC?

With the help of pcTattletale’s screen recorder and live streaming feature, you can see what your child is doing on their screen.


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