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How to obtain the brand new latest Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle in Fortnite



mythic MK-Alpha assault rifle in fortnite

Here We tell how you can get the brand new latest mythic MK-Alpha assault rifle in fortnite. The return of the MK-Alpha attack Rifle to Fortnite has had quite a few players excited over the past week. Now, the conflict Royale has brought a Mythic model of the infamous weapon.

Here is how you could get the Mythic MK-Alpha attack Rifle in Fortnite.

Mythic MK-Alpha assault Rifle: in which to find it in Fortnite

locating the Mythic MK-Alpha assault rifle is pretty simple, but there is an assignment earlier than acquiring the weapon. What? Do you idea Fortnite become going to hand it to you?

First, you need to head to the following vicinity of the MK-Alpha attack Rifle:

Rumble Ruins

Once you’ve joined the POI, you will have to discover the brand new boss Wildguard Relik and beat him before being qualified of reaping the Mythic weapon.

Sounds particularly easy, right? incorrect.

Wildguard Relik has a completely unique capacity along with his Mythic Cloak Gauntless, which allows him to teleport in and around your environment. Combating him can be pretty difficult compared to bosses within the beyond.

How to fight Wildguard Relik in Fortnite

Preventing the brand new boss may additionally seem overwhelming at the start, however, once you have got a tactic down, it turns into pretty easy. Locating a Kinetic Boomerang somewhere in the neighboring place will assist with combating him from afar.

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You have no idea where the boss goes to grow to be subsequent, so having the brand new Kinetic weapon to simply throw around will assist and give you the benefit over Wildguard Relik.

Once beaten, the boss will fall the Mythic MK-Alpha attack Rifle, permitting you to select it and head in the direction of achieving that Victory Royale.

Mythic MK-Alpha assault Rifle stats

The Mythic MK-Alpha attack Rifle packs a heavy punch when used in opposition to different players. right here are the weapon’s stats:

  • DPS: 196
  • Damage: 28
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Fire Rate: 7
  • Reload Time: 2.975s
  • Structure Damage: 28


Where is the mythic MK Alpha in Fortnite?

First, you will require to go to the following location for the MK-Alpha assault rifle: Rumble Ruins.

How many mythic guns are in Fortnite?

4 Mythics presently in Season 3

What is mythic in Fortnite?

The Highcard Boss’s Mythic Assault Rifle is an extra powerful version of the Suppressed Havoc Assault Rifle.

What is the strongest mythic gun in Fortnite?

The Highcard Boss’s Mythic Assault Rifle is an extra powerful version of the Suppressed Havoc Assault Rifle. High card is a tough enemy to defeat as he spawns with two henchmen that must be eliminated before he can collect his items in the game.

What is the most legendary weapon in Fortnite?

Assault Rifle.
Red-Eye Assault Rifle.
Tactical Assault Rifle.
Thunder Shotgun.
Maven Auto Shotgun.
Combat Shotgun.
Twin Mag SMG.
Machine SMG.

What Fortnite NPCs sell exotics?

Serenade NPCs at Monoliths Landmarks.

How many exotics guns are in Fortnite?

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6 Guns are there.

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