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How to play Pointer Pointer Game Online?



Pointer Pointer

In a world where our fingers are used to swiping on screens, there’s a fun little game on the internet that brings back the good old computer mouse into the spotlight. It’s called the Pointer Pointer game, and it’s all about finding where your mouse pointer is on the screen. This game might sound super simple, and that’s because it is, but it’s also surprisingly fun.

This game, Pointer Pointer, became a big hit almost as soon as it was launched. People just couldn’t get enough of it. It was created by a group of clever designers from a place called Moniker in Amsterdam. They noticed that most of us are using our phones and tablets to tap and swipe, so we’re not using the mouse as much anymore. They wanted to make something that would get us to look at our mouse pointers again, and they sure did a good job.

The pictures you see in the game show all sorts of different people, from students having a good time at parties to folks striking cool poses. It’s a mix of funny, weird, and surprising photos that keep you guessing who you’ll see next. And the best part? There’s no end to it. You can keep moving your mouse and finding new pictures for as long as you like.

So, if you’re looking for a way to pass the time or just need a little break, the Pointer Pointer game is a perfect little escape. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to play this game online.

Overview of the Pointer-Pointer Game

Pointer Pointer

The Pointer Pointer game is a delightful online experience that turns a simple action into a source of amusement and wonder. At its core, the game is about discovery and surprise, centered around the humble computer mouse pointer. It’s a web-based game that anyone with internet access and a mouse can play, and it doesn’t require any downloads or special skills.

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When you visit the Pointer Pointer website, you’re greeted with a plain background and a simple instruction: move your mouse. But here’s where the magic happens. Once you stop moving the cursor and leave it in one spot, the game takes a brief moment to find a photograph from its collection. This isn’t just any photograph, though. It’s a picture where someone is pointing directly at the spot where your cursor rests. It feels almost interactive, as if the person in the photo is aware of where you’ve placed your cursor on your screen.

The game’s charm lies in its unpredictability and the variety of images you’ll encounter. The photos feature a wide array of people, each captured in the act of pointing. You might see a group of friends at a party, an individual in a candid shot, or someone in a staged, artistic pose. Each image is a surprise, and the anticipation of who or what will appear next adds to the game’s allure.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Pointer Pointer is refreshingly straightforward and engaging, designed to provide instant amusement with minimal effort. Here’s a breakdown of how it works and its features:


  1. Locating the Pointer: The entire game revolves around the player moving their mouse cursor to any location on the screen and then waiting.
  2. Image Display: After the cursor remains still for a short period, the website searches its database and displays a photograph. In this photo, a person (or sometimes a group of people) is pointing directly at the cursor’s location on the screen.
  3. New Image with Every Move: Every time the cursor is moved and held still again, a new image is loaded, with a different person pointing at the new position of the cursor.
  4. Endless Interaction: There is no end to the game, no levels or scores. The game continues as long as the player wishes to move the cursor and find new images.
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  1. Simplicity: The game’s interface is clean and uncluttered, focusing solely on the gameplay without any unnecessary elements.
  2. Vast Image Collection: Pointer Pointer boasts a large, varied collection of images, ensuring that players see new and unexpected pointing poses with each interaction.
  3. Surprise and Humor: The spontaneity of what image will appear next adds an element of surprise. The variety of contexts in which the pointers are found—ranging from parties to casual settings—often adds a humorous touch.
  4. No Learning Curve: The game requires no tutorial or learning period. Users understand the concept immediately upon visiting the site.
  5. Accessibility: It’s accessible from any computer with an internet connection and a mouse or trackpad.
  6. Cultural Commentary: Beyond entertainment, the game subtly comments on the evolution of technology, from mouse to touch, making it a playful digital artifact.

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How to Play the Pointer-Pointer Game?

Playing the Pointer Pointer game is incredibly simple and requires no special skills or equipment beyond a computer with a mouse or trackpad and an internet connection. Here’s how you can enjoy this unique game step by step:

  1. Open the game.
    • Start by opening your web browser.
    • Type in the game’s web address,, and press Enter.
  2. Begin the game:
    • Once the website loads, you’ll see a blank screen with a simple instruction to place your pointer.
  3. Place your cursor:
    • Move your mouse cursor to any spot on the screen. You can place it anywhere you like.
  4. Hold Still:
    • Keep your cursor completely still at the spot you’ve chosen. The game requires a few seconds to locate your pointer.
  5. Wait for the image:
    • After a brief pause, an image will appear on the screen with someone pointing directly at your cursor’s location. The wait time is part of the game’s design, adding to the anticipation.
  6. Move and repeat:
    • When you’re ready for another image, simply move your cursor to a new location on the screen and hold it still again.
    • Wait for the game to display a new image with a different person pointing at your cursor.
  7. Enjoy the variety:
    • Each time you move your cursor and pause, you’ll be greeted with a new image. Enjoy the variety of people and pointing styles.
  8. Play as long as you like.
    • There are no levels or points to earn. You can continue to play for as long as you find it entertaining
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1. What is the Pointer Pointer game?

Pointer Pointer is an interactive web game where users place their cursor on the screen, and an image of someone pointing at the cursor’s location appears.

2. Who created the Pointer Pointer game?

The game was created by Moniker, an Amsterdam-based experimental interactive design studio.

3. How does the Pointer Pointer game work?

When you place your cursor on the screen and wait, the game finds an image with someone pointing at your cursor’s position.

4. Is there an end to the pointer-pointer game?

No, the game continues to load new images as long as you move the cursor to new positions on the screen.

5. Can I play Pointer Pointer on a touchscreen device?

The game is designed for a cursor interface and may not work as intended on touchscreen devices.


Pointer Pointer is a testament to the creativity that thrives in simplicity. It’s a delightful distraction that reminds us of the joy found in the unexpected. As we move towards a touch-first digital world, this game stands as a charming homage to the humble cursor, inviting us to point and be pointed at in a game that’s as engaging as it is straightforward.

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