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How to play The Blockheads game on PC



Survival games are fun to play. They give players the chance to test their patience and experience the thrill of surviving in difficult situations. Blockheads is one of those games that let you experience that.

The Blockheads is a superb survival game available on Android and iOS and a must-try game for sandbox fanatic gamers. 

This game is for all those creative minds who want to build their base and explore and enjoy a simulation world. Players control individual characters called “Blockhead”; you can explore the entire world map, farm materials, and build buildings, structures, and use advanced tools. It has some aggressive and non-aggressive creatures which you can use to farm your materials.

Players have to keep in mind the materials they are farming, the food they consume, the base they are building (whether it’s strong enough to stand the weather), and their surroundings. While making their base, they need to explore the area very well, look for safety, and adjust according to the surrounding weather conditions.

Explore Caves and Make Friends

Explore the caves and waterways with or without your friends. You can always invite your friends and build your base together and explore your creative skills. The game has a PvP feature, with which you can also attack other players in multiplayer mode. 

Though created in 2D fashion, this game is a lot more than just its graphics. It has simple graphics which allow players to build more complex structures without any performance issues or game lags. This game attracts players, not for its graphics but for its enormous possibilities in terms of creativity.

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Its unique simulated world has effects of equator, climate, and seasons on temperature. The weather conditions directly affect your gameplay. Players have to adjust adoring to their base position on the map, the season, and weather conditions for survival.

This virtual world game is very effective for your kids to explore their creativity and an open mind. It improves their thinking process and evolves them as human beings. Overall the Blockhead is a fun and creative game, whether you play it alone or with your friends. It is very addictive, and you always want to explore more and build more and reach your limits.

How to download The Blockheads onto Windows

So, now you are wondering how to download the Blockheads onto Windows, then keep reading!

PC gamers often want to enjoy the blockheads, but they face problems since it is available on Android and iOS. But they need not worry since we have a solution for them on how to run the Blockheads on Windows PC. To play the Blockhead on your Windows PC, users need to first download the LD Player, an Android emulator. 

LD Player is a great Android emulator which has a vast library of Android games and applications. It is lightweight and does not hinder your PC performance. This emulator is an excellent option for people who love to play Android games on their PC and want a PC gaming experience. Follow the steps given below to play the Blockhead onto your Windows PC:

  1. Download the LD Player installer on your PC.
  2. Run the installer. It will automatically download and install the emulator on your PC.
  3. Once installed, run the emulator and go to the Play store.
  4. Search for the Blockhead on the Play store. And click on install.
  5. Once installed, click on open and enjoy the game.
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The blockhead is a superb sandbox game that is full of creativity and survival strategies. You can play with your friends or family. You can play this game with your kids, which will help them have an open mind and make them more thoughtful. Now, you also know how to download and play this game on your Windows PC. 

So don’t wait; go start building your base in your simulation world and reach new heights of your creativity. Leave your comments and questions in the comment section.

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