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How to Prevent Phone Over-Heating When Gambling



People from each corner of the earth show great interest in online gambling. First of all, online gambling is fun, exciting, thrilling, and lucrative. For example, Michigan residents looking for the best Michigan online casino promotions can claim to indulge in free play and make the most of their gambling experience.

But regardless of where in the world you are, online gambling will use up your phone’s RAM, battery, etc. Such phone consumption can lead to it overheating, so we’ve composed a list of hacks you can implement to prevent overheating.

Top three prevention methods for phone overheating

Even the best android phones on the market need overheating prevention. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent your phone from overheating when gambling online. Let’s explore the top three of them below.

  1. Lower the brightness level

Most of us neglect to lower the brightness level and keep it above 50% as they can see the screen better that way. However, a 50% brightness level is more than enough for any indoor use of your phone. If you’re playing casino games from an indoor area, always keep your brightness level below or at 50%, as going beyond this percentage will lead to your phone getting hotter. If you set your phone to auto-brightness, you’ll see it will consume more battery than setting the brightness level manually. Therefore, you always best set the brightness level to 50% whenever you’re gambling online.

  1. Close all unnecessary apps before you start gambling

Unless you close an app, it will keep running in the background. When unnecessary apps keep running in the background, they consume more of the phone’s battery and RAM and create extra work for its processor. These extra processes will consume more of your phone’s power, leading to your phone over-heating. If you wish to enhance the overall performance of your phone while gambling online and prevent it from heating, you should always close the apps you’re not using before you log into your online casino account.

  1. Do not download apps for phone cooling

There’s a handful of apps you can download for cooling down your advanced gaming phone on the Google Play Store. These apps claim they can cool your smartphone down, but they do exactly the opposite. More memory is consumed, more battery and more storage for these apps to run. These consumptions may lead to your phone getting hotter, not cooling down. Some hackers prefer to use these apps to enter your personal information and steal your data. You should especially avoid downloading these apps as an online gambler, as hackers could steal your financial information.

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