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How to set up and test TONOR microphones in Windows?



USB microphones are paramount in current times. This COVID pandemic has made people suffer a lot and changed their working styles. We have successfully switched over to Video conferencing and virtual meetings. As a result, many microphone manufacturers have launched USB microphones. But which USB microphone will suit you best, depends on which profession you belong to. So to resolve this confusion, we have intended this ultimate guide that will let you know about the best USB microphones and how to set them up on a computer. For complete details of USB mics, read out the post to the end.

Whether you want to record a voice note or a song, a computer microphone, and a good sound card always come to our rescue. But what if we tell you that a great combination in the form of a USB mic has arrived. Now you must be thinking what is a USB microphone if you are new to this, right? A USB microphone is basically a high-quality microphone that can be simply inserted into the USB port of your computer and acts as a great boon for musicians. Do you know what’s the best part about it? It works equally well with both iPad and tablets. The USB mic is perfectly compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. Many users also use it as a PS4 mic. Moreover, with this, you don’t have to purchase additional hardware, just plug and play and it will work fine.

Why do you need TONOR microphones?

No matter whether you want to make good quality music recordings or voiceovers for videos, now you don’t have to depend entirely on headphone output as now you have an option of USB microphones as microphones for singing that similarly act as larger USB studio mics. The best thing is that here you can monitor directly as you can listen to the track while you are singing along. Moreover, they are user-friendly and produce good quality recording results.

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USB microphones are the best microphones for singing. This year, we witnessed a lot of conferences, but a fussy, low-quality microphone makes the experience worse. And if you are of the thought that a good quality microphone for singing will cost you a boom, then you are probably missing something very important. Since you don’t have to lose your pockets much on audio interfaces, mixers, and XLR cables to see a noticeable improvement. The TONOR USB microphone comes with a complete kit and we will be letting you know everything necessary to step up your audio production quality for a very attractive price.

Features of TONOR Cardioid Condenser Computer PC Mic

  • Plug and Play:

The best part is that TORNO USB microphones especially TC30 are compatible with all types of operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. You just have to plug and play if you ahve a USB 2.0 port and start enjoying gaming, podcasting, zoom meeting, streaming, Skype chatting, etc.

  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern:

This microphone for singing comes with a cardioid pickup pattern and a superb off-axis suppression function. This helps in capturing natural sounds and discarding background noise.

  • Easy to Install:

As told earlier, this microphone comes with a user-friendly interface. You only have to attach the pop filter to the mic tripod, then it can be plugged in and played.

  • Exceptional Anti-vibration:

This USB mic also comes with a concealed shock mount that minimizes the noise of the keyboard, radiator, or touch of the microphone

What do You get with TONOR microphones?

  • 1 condenser microphone,
  • 1 shock mount,
  • 1 foldable mic tripod,
  • 1 pop filter,
  • 1 USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Cable,
  • 1 manual.
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Macs, PCs, PS4, and iPad (an adapter is required), are not compatible with Phones and Xbox.

How to Set up TONOR microphones on PC?


For basic operation, the setup consists of the following steps:

  1. First of all, you have to mount the scissor arm on a desk
  2. Now start threading the shock mount to the end of the arm
  3. After this, quickly Slide the TONOR microphone into the shock mount
  4. Start Running the USB cable coming from the microphone to an open USB port
  5. As soon as you do it, the microphone will be picked and shown automatically on Windows.
  6. Also, ensure that you have set a TONOR microphone as the default microphone in both Windows and your application of choice.


  • First of all, you have to Plug in the TONOR Mic into your computer.
  • As soon as you plug it in, your computer will start automatically recognizing the USB device and will start installing a driver.
  • Now go to your “System Preferences”.
  • Here click on “Sound” to display the Sound preference pane.
  • Here in the input tab, pick the “TONOR Audio Device” as the device for sound input.

How to test TONOR microphones on Windows?

If your computer has not identified USB devices, then follow the steps :

  • Initially try replugging your USB microphone into other USB ports.
  • After that, Restart the computer.
  • Now Replug the microphone again into another computer’s USB port.

If the mic is recognized but no sound comes out:

macOS System

For this you have to check whether “System Sound” is mute, if it is, then you can turn on the volume control.

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Windows System

For this, visit settings>privacy>microphone

After that, make a click on the Allow apps to access the microphone to ON then restart.

TONOR USB microphones are a boon for gamers and vocalists. If you have not tried it yet, then try it once and do let us know about your experience. We would love to hear from you.


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