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How To Start a Podcast In 10 Steps




Promoting content is always challenging, whether a business or a brand. With so many methods out there, podcasting has been booming in the last decade. The figures of podcast listeners are only expected to grow, so executing it right is crucial for your success.

Launching a podcast sounds easy, but creators must find clever ways to bring their ideas to life. From planning to promotion, your audio can be marketed in such a way that it can bring in a significant income.


Every stage of creating your podcast is important, and to help you, we have listed 10 ways you can start a podcast.

Choose Your Topic

Before you start, you should understand why you want to do this. This means that you must spend time researching different fields in which you consider yourself experts. By choosing the right topic, you can further explore that niche and start planning your podcast. Without it, you will often be left confused or frustrated because you did not think it through.


Podcast Name

Your podcast name is one of the most crucial components because you need to make a good first impression. Your podcast will recognize your brand, so choose the right one. Picking a name that is easy to remember, searchable, and should be related to your topic or brand. Keeping this in mind, you should stay unique so your audience can find you easily.

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Podcast Description

Without a description, your audience may not know what your episodes are about. The listeners will gain insight into your podcast by simply adding a description. Using certain keywords can increase the visibility of your podcast and attract broader audiences. Be direct, clean, and contain no fluff; remember why users listen to podcasts; they do not have time to read or watch a video.


Podcast Format

If you have been listening to podcasts for some time, you notice different formats. As the owner, you must find the best method to convey your topic to your audience. This will allow you to focus on a specific style of audio which will require a certain amount of production. Once you do that, you must ensure consistency in creating content for your listeners.


Structure of your Episodes

Once you have decided on the format, the next step is choosing the structure. Now there is no specific time limit you need to implement to your content, but it should add value to your audiences. So make sure you consider the length of your episodes and how you structure them. If your podcasts are long, you can break them into parts; however, shorter ones are more popular. Another thing that will play a key role in your frequency, whether daily, weekly, or a couple of times a week, you should give your audience enough time to go through your episodes.

Podcast Equipment

Today you can make the most of your podcast by using a variety of techniques so that your audience can receive clear sound. Some basic equipment that you may need is a microphone, laptop, recording software, headphones, and a camera if you want to record video. But the best part is that a simple smartphone can also do the trick. So choose according to your budget, goals, and ideas. Using these latest podcasting tools, you can quickly establish your show online.

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Create Podcast Artwork

An image will add a face to your podcast account so make sure you work on your cover art. Along with your title, your cover art is one of the first things your audience will engage with, so tread carefully. If you have an attractive and high-quality cover, it will increase the chances of a listener clicking on any of your episodes.


Intro and Outro

An intro and outro are crucial parts of your podcast as they will frame your episodes well. Additionally, it gives users an insight into your brand or your episode and sets the tone for your audios. Similarly, your outro encourages and motivates your listeners to hear more and adds value to your show.

Promote Your Show

Now that you have started uploading your podcasts, the next step is promoting your show. You need to market your platform so people worldwide can hear your audio. Podcast hosting providers are one way you can gain a wider audience so that people can enjoy your show. You can even consider blogging or posting on Reddit, so your target audience can know more about your show. Signal can help establish your comments with free upvotes on Reddit that will attract more people and establish your brand as trustworthy, read this article to know more.

Be Creative

Above everything, it is your show, your brand, and you can do whatever you like. The goal is to provide value to your listeners because if you fail to do that, you may lose them.

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Research and plan for your podcast success, so ensure you deliver well to your audience. Spotify is about to launch its own subscription service, so if you are interested, you can start your podcast through them.

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