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How to stop buffering on firestick 2020 (7 Effective Ways)



Stop buffering on firestick

Are you searching for an article Where you find how to stop buffering on Firestick? Amazon’s Firestick has stolen many hearts and is continuing to grow with new devices. I am a Firestick user and I am very happy with the product but sometimes I used to face Firestick Buffering issues. So, I researched about it and find something that I am going to share with you as well. Do you also face the same problem? Then go through the article below and find the best solutions for this problem. Also, I am going to share why Buffering happens. Scroll down to Know more!

On-demand entertainment is not only today’s trend but needs as well. People do not have time to stick to cable TV to watch something on Pre-defined time. So, watching tv shows and movies online is the only way to get some entertainment anytime. Online streaming platforms and devices like firesticks that a house of many online streaming platforms is the best solution. Though many things out there can be watched for free but for some, you have to take a subscription.

What is Buffering?

In simple words, When you watch something and face video interruption in between, this problem is now as buffering. It means when your device pauses mid-task.

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What are the common reasons for buffering in Firestick?

Reason 1: Slow Internet Connection

This is one of the most common reasons for buffering. You need at least 5Mbps of speed to watch something on Firestick. You will require 5 Mbps of bandwidth to buffer SD video, 10 Mbps for HD video, and 25 Mbps for 4K video.

Reason 2: The Interface between Firestick and Wi-fi

If there is any wall between your Firestick and wi-fi as if they are in different rooms, you may face buffering issues. The internet connection might slow down because of the interface in between.

Reason 3: Outdated Firestick software

Outdates Firestick could be one of the most common reasons for buffering. The outdated Operating system is the reason for video playback.

Reason 4: Overheating

If you have been using Firestick for hours, then it might get overheat and thus cause buffering.

Reason 5: Multiple devices on the same Internet Connection

If you have connected multiple devices with the same wif-fi, then this may cause buffering.

Reason 6:Throttling

ISP sometimes slows down the loading speeds purposely, so this may cause buffering.

7 ways to stop buffering on firestick

As we have discussed, common reasons for buffering. Now, its time to discuss the ways to Stop Buffering.

Solution 1: Update and Restart Device

Keeping software and other apps up-to-date is very important and Then restart your device to make the update work properly. Follow the steps below to update your device:

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Move to settings.
  3. Then head to FireTV.
  4. Tap About button there
  5. Scroll down and select the Install update icon.
  6. This will update the Software.
  7. After this, again go to settings.
  8. Scroll down to the Sign-out button and press the button. That’s all!
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Solution 2: Reboot Firestick

Sometimes a simple restart will solve the issue. So this is a worth try method before trying anything else.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select My Fire TV
  3. Tap on Restart.

This will reboot your firestick and may solve the problem.

Solution 3: Improve wi-fi Signal

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Then move to the network connection.
  3. Search for the word “Signal Strength”
  4. If Signal strength is “very good” then you can try any other method.
  5. If the signal strength is not good then try changing the router position. So that it can receive a clear signal.

Solution 4: Do a Factory Reset

Factory reset will change your settings to default. So this may solve the buffering issue.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to my Fire TV
  3. Tap the option Reset to Factory Defaults
  4. Press the Reset button.

Solution 5: Use Ethernet Cable

Sometimes Wi-fi does not work well and undoubtedly Ethernet Cable provides more internet speed. No transmission lost with wires.

Solution 6: Use a VPN

As we know, VPN encrypts your data. This simply masks your data.  So, if ISP tries to interrupt video streams, a VPN can mask the stream so that it’s indistinguishable from any other type of download. This prevents your ISP from discriminating against certain types of internet traffic, such as videos or data from specific sources.

Solution 7: Turn of background apps and processes

Turn off other apps in the background because those apps will take space and eats up your data.

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Hey friends, thanks for reading so far! I hope you would like the article and now know all the ways to stop buffering on firestick. Firestick is today’s need and buffering isn’t a big issue, it can be resolved easily by keeping a few things in mind.

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