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How to Unlock Sumeru Daily Commissions and Sumeru Reputation in Genshin Impact



Genshin Impact

When you’ve arrived in Genshin Impact Sumeru, you can’t switch your daily commissions to Sumeru straight away. In order to unlock Sumeru commissions, you’ll need to complete the Archon Quests Chapter 3: Act 1 and Act 2. With the completion of Chapter 3, Act 2, you’ll also have unlocked a World Quest called “Corps of Thirty Recruitment.” Visit the Corps of Thirty building and talk to the scholar standing by the reputation board. With that, you can now also start doing Bounties and Requests in Sumeru!

Here’s a full list of Sumeru’s Archon Quests that Genshin Impact players must complete before they can unlock the new Daily Commissions:

  • A Forest of Change
  • Further Observation
  • Chronic Illness
  • Silent Seeker of Knowledge
  • The Trail of the God of Wisdom
  • Lost in Prosperity
  • Ever So Close
  • The Coming of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • The Arrival of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • The Continuation of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • The Samsara of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • The Causality of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • The Empty Illusions of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • The End of the Sabzeruz Festival
  • Dawn

The exact time it takes one to complete them is dependent on their general skill level and competence regarding quests.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Quests and how to increase Sumeru Reputation

To increase your Sumeru Reputation level and unlock its unique rewards, you need to complete Bounties and Requests, explore the region, and complete Sumeru-specific quests in order to earn Reputation EXP. Once you earn enough Sumeru Reputation EXP, your Sumeru Reputation Level will increase, and you can then claim each level’s rewards from the Reputation menu.

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Keep in mind that you can only pick up three randomised Bounties and three randomised Requests every week. This is shared across every region’s Reputation. So if you’ve already completed one Bounty in Inazuma, and two in Monstadt, for example, you won’t be able to pick up any more from Sumeru until the week resets. Bounties and Requests unlock at Sumeru Reputation Level 2, and you will receive 60 Sumeru Reputation EXP by completing 3-Star Bounties, 80 from 4-Star Bounties, and 100 from 5-Star Bounties, and completing each weekly Sumeru Request rewards 40 Sumeru Reputation EXP.

Here’s every exploration quest included in the Sumeru Reputation and its rewards:

  • Sumeru exploration progress 40% – 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP and 20,000 Mora
  • Sumeru exploration progress 60% – 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP and 20,000 Mora

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