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How to Update Kodi on Any Device (Update Kodi to the Latest Version on Android, iOS, Windows, and Fire Stick



How to Update Kodi on Any Device

Want to update Kodi on your device? Since updating Kodi is not an easy task. It is a little confusing. To update any other application, you just need to go to the menu and click on “Check for update”. But, the scenario is quite different in the case of Kodi. You will need a certain kind of guidance.

Whether you want to update Kodi to the latest version on your Android, iOS, windows, or Firestick. Need not to worry. Go through our step by step easy Guidance. To know the steps scroll more.

Kodi, previously called XBMC, is free software for managing your local store of movies, television shows, music, and photos. This application has a huge fan base.

After a certain period of time, developers release the new update for Kodi. The reason for this is that every version includes at least some of the following: new features, bug fixes, stability and performance improvements, and security updates.

Warning: Since the software is open-source. Some people install modified versions of Kodi on third-party hardware and sell them as Kodi boxes. Note that Kodi does not sell hardware, nor does it endorse any of these boxes.

Before going on the steps for updates on any network. Let us first check What’s the Latest Available Version of Kodi available right now?

What’s the Latest Available Version of Kodi?

Well, in terms of major versions, we’re talking about Kodi 18 “Leia,” which has been released in January 2019. This was a major transition for Kodi, especially in terms of its performance.

In the last year, we have received many updates. The latest version is Kodi 18.9, which was released in October 2020.

I strongly advise you to update Kodi 18.9 as this is the most stable version yet.

How to Update Kodi on Any Device

Here, we will discuss easy and simple steps to update Kodi on any device, whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, or Fire Tv.

Update Kodi on Android

Updating Kodi on Andriod is very simple. As we already know, Kodi is officially available on the Google Play Store. So if you have installed Kodi from the Play Store, the update process is very easy. Even if you have installed Kodi APK from the official website, you can update the current build to the latest version through the Play store. Here is how to do it.

How to Update Kodi on Any Device

Step1: Open the Google Play Store.

Step2: Search for the Kodi app and open it.

Step3: It will show you an “Update” button. If there is any new update available.

Step4: Click on the Update button and the Play Store will start updating Kodi. That’s it.

Update Kodi on iOS

To update Kodi on iOS is not as simple as on Android. Each Kodi for iOS update will need to be installed manually unless you use the Cydia app store, in which case you can find the latest version there too. Here are the steps:

  • First, Go to the official Kodi media player website,
  • Then, Click on the blue Download button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Scroll down and select your operating system. In the window that pops up,
  • Under the Recommended tab, tap on the Installer for your operating system.
  • After the installer is done, launch it and install Kodi player the way, you install any other application.
  • Congratulations, you have done!

Update Kodi on Windows

The simplest way to update Kodi on Windows is through ‘Kodi Windows Installer.’ Here’s our step-by-step guide:

  •  Use any internet browser to open the overview of the Kodi Windows Installer script.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button, and a ZIP file should download to your computer.
  • Now, open Kodi and click on ‘Add-ons’ using the main menu.
  • Head towards the open box icon in the top-left corner and choose the ‘Install from ZIP file’ option.
  • Navigate to the path of your recently downloaded ZIP file. If you can’t find it, move the file to your Desktop, and then use Kodi to navigate it. Then, click on the ZIP file.
  • The script will be installed in a few minutes.
  • Open it by choosing ‘Add-ons’ from the main menu. The addon will show you a list of categories, so make sure to select ‘Released’ to install the latest publicly available version.
  • Kodi will now finalize the procedure on its own, and you’ll need to restart the application. That’s it!

How to Update Kodi on Any Device

Update Kodi on Firestick

Sadly, the process to update Kodi on Amazon Fire TV is a bit longer since you need to sideload the app from another device.

How to Update Kodi on Any Device

Here’s our general description of how to update Kodi on FireOS.

  • First, you need to download a handy app called ‘Downloader’ found on Amazon’s App Store.
  • Open the app and navigate to This will open Kodi’s official website on your FireOS device.
  • Now, click on ‘Download’ and then click on the Android logo.
  • Under the ‘Recommended’ tab, click on ‘ARMV7A (32BIT).’ This will download Kodi’s installation file to your Fire TV Stick.
  • Open the file and then proceed with the installation. This will basically install a new version of Kodi, without messing up with your custom content.

Alternative way:

First, download the latest Kodi APK from the official website and move it to your Amazon Fire TV. After that, simply install the APK through a file manager and it will override the existing Kodi setup. And that’s how you update Kodi on Amazon Fire TV.

Bonus Tip: Use a VPN

I would strongly recommend you to use a VPN because of a few reasons:

  1. Using add-ons on your Kodi can be geo-restricted. You may not be able to watch videos or TV shows because of your network location. That’s why you need to use a VPN in order to use Kodi and stream videos without geo-restrictions.
  2. To prevent any possible problems like Exodus not working, video not streaming, you should install a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Bottom Line:

Well, this is all about “How to update Kodi on any device. I hope You will find this article informative. Use this simple step by step guide to enjoy the latest version of Kodi. Share it with your family and friends.

If you know the other tricks, do share with us in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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