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How to use Google’s experimental ‘Help Me Write’ AI tool to In Docs



help me write ai tool

Help Me Write’ AI tool: Now you can write more effectively with the artificial intelligence feature of Google Docs. Google Docs just introduced its AI assistant to create writing quicker – it can develop, adjust, and even create recommendations.

Using ‘Assist Me Write’ in Docs

For starters, you’ll need to join the generative AI waitlist in Google Docs and other workspace apps built by Google. Discover the “Sign Up” button at the top and tap on it.

Once you get access, you will be notified when you log in to Google services. Upon confirmation, open Google Docs and try out the new “Help me write” function, to be found in the upper-left corner.

When you click on it a floating pop-up window should open. At this point, you’ll want to teach the AI what it wants to do – it could be about writing a letter, an informational article, or a fictional story – whatever you want. Once you have entered the correct activation, press “Create”.

After a few seconds, the “Help me write” AI tool will show you your response inside a Google Doc record. If you’re happy with it and want to keep it, click “Insert” to add it to your document.

You can also disable the Help Me Write tool

You can also “recreate” training AI or make additional modifications from the drop-down menu within the docs. If you want to make changes to a selected paragraph, select it and right-click to add revisions.

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If, for some cause, you choose not to use the “Help Me Write” tool, you can disable it by moving to “Gear” and leaving the Labs program. Once you click on confirm, you will not get admission in the experimental function.

In this path, you can utilize generative AI within Google Docs and other workspace instruments without having to rely on external AI chatbots like ChatGPT or Google’s own Bard.


What is the Google AI writing tool?

The tool, internally codenamed “Genesis,” can bring in data and then develop news copy.

How do I free-write in Google Docs?

At the lid of the virtual keyboard, click on the Right indicator, then Handwrite.

Is Google Docs good for writers?

Google Docs is a great choice

Is AI writing free?

Yes, the Simplified AI Writing tool is free for all.

Does Google Docs have a pen tool?

No, Google Docs doesn’t have a any pen tool.

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