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How to view anonymously Instagram stories without an account and registration




Instagram has evolved into a hub for all types of material. Everyone now gets to explore different stories, exciting posts, IGTV videos, reels, live videos, and other content posted by different public people all around the globe. Users can freely share their favourite content and also develop their own. On the other hand, Instagram also gives you an option to make a private account and create your own audience. Only the followers can view the content posted in the account, not everyone.

Wondering if you can watch Instagram stories anonymously online? The answer to this question is “Yes”. Besides, you can also view highlights, reels and IGTV anonymously. Want to know how? Continue reading to learn about this.


How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously?

Let’s look at few ways through which you can watch anonymously alternative of anonymous stories viewer for instagram:


Method 1. Opt for browser extension:


This method takes a little longer since you must first install a web browser extension on your computer, which won’t be a matter of seconds. Only then, after downloading, you’ll be able to proceed to anonymous browsing. Chrome IG Story or StoriesWatcher for Firefox are two examples of such extensions.

Method 2. Turn on the airplane mode:

It’s a convenient way to explore Stories without being added to the list of “Viewers”. Airplane mode is a built-in function on both Android and iPhone mobile devices. The trick is to use the Internet only to refresh your Instagram news feed. Once done, turn on airplane mode to go offline.


By ensuring that your smartphone is in airplane mode before tapping on someone’s Instagram Stories, you can see them secretly. You could theoretically view one undetected because Instagram preloads multiple stories to allow quick browsing even when you don’t have a stable data connection or Wi-Fi.

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In case the user has uploaded several stories in a row, the app is unlikely to have loaded them all. Therefore they will not be available in airplane mode.


Method 3. Create a fake account or use your friend’s account:


This is the most outdated method but definitely the most efficient method of accessing any profile’s information. If you are not a risk taker and avoid using third party programs then this method is for you. However, you need to invest a little time and hard work to explore through the other account. First, of course, you will have to create a new Instagram account to see other people’s material, which is not the quickest way. In addition, Instagram has been increasingly removing fraudulent accounts recently.


Fake accounts have a detrimental impact in general. Hence, if you opt for this method, it would be great to make posts, grow your “following” list, and remain active on Instagram once you’ve created your account so that it doesn’t appear strange. Remember that you should never publish a photo or any other content that allows the individual you are interested in to recognize you, since the main goal of this strategy is to create an account without disclosing your identity.


If you presently have another Instagram account set up, then simply add it to your app. Doing so will enable you to switch between the two accounts whenever you wish to sneak a peek at someone else’s stories.


Method 4. Rely on third-party applications:


You may deactivate an account on purpose, or Instagram may block your account, and you do not want to start a new one, but you still want to follow a specific user. It may be a competitor, a partner, or any other user whose stories you’re curious about. However, in case you choose to use one.

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There are a variety of third-party apps and websites that claim to let you access someone’s Instagram Stories View anonymously without an account. However, many of such websites aren’t very secure, and others do not even operate in some areas, so utilizing them is a risk as you aren’t sure if you’ll get through the way or not. Hence, play wise as you are on your own. However, if you still decide to opt for one such application, then you must look up to the following listed applications as they successfully serve the purpose.


Which is the best Instagram Story Viewer for Android, iOS, PC?

Some of the Instagram story viewer and downloader are listed below:


1. Instagram Story viewer StoriesIG

StoriesIG is a free platform to view Instagram stories and download Instagram stories without an app. All you need to do is enter the user name of the Instagram account that you want to view in the search engine provided on the website. Done with that, click on the “view” button and wait until it processes. Then, StoriesIG will search the videos and photos of the username entered for you. Once done, you’ll get to view the stories anonymously while also saving pictures and videos from Instagram with just a click.


2. Anonymous Insta Stories viewer is one of the fastest Insta Stories Anonymous Story Viewer for PC, Android, iOS. This app would enable you to:


● Save any story, archives of stories, publishing – video, images of Instagram profile to your smartphone or desktop computer.

● Any user’s IGTV and live streaming from Instagram can be viewed and downloaded.

● Instagram Viewer is a quick and easy way to browse the Internet.

● It is not necessary to have an Instagram account or to be logged in to use it.

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● They do not keep any of your personal information. An Instagram user will never know you saw their stories because you are completely anonymous.

● Accounts can be viewed in any language. Hence, it can be used anywhere by anyone motherless of the language.



Instasaver is a fast video downloader. It is completely free for all users. With the help of this, you can download Instagram stories private, photos, posts, and live videos; everything can all be readily downloaded. Besides it also provides some other features, which are:

● Reposting pictures and videos from Instagram

● Copy Instagram hashtags

● Instagram videos, stories, posts, and status can all be downloaded and saved right from the app to your gallery

● With the FREE status saver, you can quickly store IG stories and updates.

● After you’ve downloaded the videos, you can watch them offline.

● You can take videos and use hashtags and captions to repost them.

● Use any social networking platform to share videos, photos, and stories with your friends.

● view anonymously Instagram stories without account



Summing up the article here hoping that the above discussion might have added enough information to your think tank. Consider these to view anonymously Instagram stories without an account and download them without disclosing your identity.


However, it’s critical to know that anonymous browsing has drawbacks. After all, stalking and data theft can hurt a user’s mental health as much as their material, and utilizing someone else’s content for commercial gain is a copyright violation. So, as an anonymous Instagram observer, respect other user’s rights and don’t misuse them as it may cause harm to other accounts.



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