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Instagram creators will be able to add moderators during live streams to monitor comments




Instagram announces a new feature that lets streamers add moderators. An Instagram live stream moderator will have the ability to turn off comments, remove a specific viewer or multiple viewers from the live stream or report any inappropriate or abusive comments. Creators on Instagram have been waiting for this feature for a long time.

Instagram announces the addition of a new Live Moderator feature via Twitter.

The latest option will enable users to assign a moderator within a stream. Creators can add a moderator during a live stream by tapping the three dots in the comment bar. These moderators can be chosen from the list of suggested accounts, or by searching a particular account in the search bar. As mentioned, the selected moderator would be able to help the live host manage the comments. The moderator can report and remove comments and viewers from the stream.

Other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and even Clubhouse supports moderators as well. It is important to note that Facebook, which used to be Instagram’s parent company allows users to add mods to live streams as well. These mods have additional tools over regular viewers of a live stream as they can remove, report, or turn off comments.

Instagram has been testing this feature since November last year. Earlier, a noted developer had suggested that Instagram is working on a feature that allows creators to add a moderator when they do live videos.

How to choose Instagram moderators?

During their live stream, creators will now be able to choose one of the viewers as the moderator. All they need to do is to tap on the three dots that appear beside the user name and make them the moderator. The moderator will immediately get a pop0-up notification about the same. Thereafter, moderators will be able to turn off commencing, report a comment or remove a particular user from the live stream, as shown in the promotional image.

Moreover, Instagram recently announces the removal of its separate Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps from the app store. The photo-sharing giant is on the verge of simplifying and streamlining its functionality. Instagram takes this decision after removing the separate IGTV app.

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