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Instagram introduces ‘Following’, ‘Favourite’ modes for the feed




After rolling out new parental supervision controls earlier this month, Instagram has now announced two new features to help you control your feed. In a recent blog post, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri highlighted the two new features that will help you choose what posts you see in your feed — Favorites and Following. These features will help you filter out the content in your feed and see posts from specific accounts or people you follow.

The Chronological feed is officially back and the company has started rolling out the feature globally. The Meta-owned company announced that it would give users two choices to sort their feed – Following and Favourites. The ‘Following’ mode will show posts in reverse chronological order whereas the ‘Favourites’ mode will show posts of your most engaging people.

Instagram also details the Favorites mode in its announcement — basically, you’ll be able to star up to 50 accounts, and posts from them will show up higher in your main feed. You’ll also be able to view those posts in a separate “Favorites” feed, which Instagram says starts with the most recent posts.

New features for Instagram and Messenger

Instagram now shows if and when your message has been “seen”. For example, it will show if your message was “seen now” or “seen 5h ago”. This would replace the active status that Instagram would show in DMs.

Facebook announced today it will begin rolling out new functionality that will allow Instagram and Messenger users to communicate across apps, in addition to bringing a host of Messenger-inspired features to the Instagram inbox. Through a set of privacy tools, users can specify who can check their main Chats list. If an Instagram user doesn’t want to hear from anyone on Facebook, they can turn this feature off.

If you are an audio messaging fan, the company is making it easier to go hands-free with tap-to-record on Messenger. “Now, you no longer need to hold down the mic — tap-to-record allows you to craft the perfect audio message while you’re doing other things and makes it a more accessible feature,” it added.

In the press release announcing the change, Instagram head Adam Mosseri writes: “Over time, we’re going to add more recommendations to your feed based on your interests.”

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