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How to Fix Instagram Messenger Update Not Showing (Easy Fixes in 2022)



Instagram Messenger update not showing

If you are also facing the issue of “Instagram messenger update not showing”, Then this post is specifically for you.  Read out the entire post and you will get an instant solution for this.

Instagram is one of the most used and favorite apps of all age groups especially teenagers. It is not only an entertainment hub but also becomes a marketing hub of various brands.  But recently, Facebook pushed many updates to make our experience better with various effects like vanish mode, new emojis, and whatnot. But these changes have also made the app a bit complex.  So if you are also facing the issue of Instagram messenger, then don’t worry, we have intended this post specifically for you while keeping in mind your needs.

As we all are aware that Instagram is owned by Facebook now. Initially, it was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in 2010. Initially, this app was launched for iOS users one but two years later, it becomes available for androids as well by the year 2012.

Instagram Messenger Update Not Showing 2022

Do you have problems with the Instagram Messenger update appearing or functioning properly? In September 2020, Instagram’s Messenger upgrade debuted.

There are several features in the update, such as replies, chat colours, and disappear mode. You can also customise the emoji reactions you use in discussions. The Messenger update will be available to you through your settings right away.

When you go to your options, you should be able to see the “Update Messaging” feature. If not, read on to find out why you can’t access or view the Instagram Messenger update and how to repair it.

Why are you facing the Instagram Messenger update not showing  Issue?

Actually what happening behind the issue of the Instagram Messenger update not showing is that –

Facebook is constantly unifying the DM (Direct-Message) service of Instagram and Facebook Messenger. So, in the last update done by them, the DM icon on Instagram is replaced with Facebook messenger’s logo.

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So many people are trying to cope up with this change and some are not able to get this update. If you are also one of them who is facing a similar issue, then scroll down to get the resolution here.

There could be other possible reasons for that –

  1.  Instagram Server-Side Issues
  2. Instagram App Bug
  3. You’re Action Blocked or have Sent Too Many Messages in a Short Timespan
  4. The Receiver Blocked You
  5. The Instagram app may experience some technical problems.
  6. Instagram messages not appearing may potentially be caused by a shaky mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.
  7. The Instagram app’s corrupted cache files could possibly be preventing it from operating properly.
  8. Problems might occasionally arise from an outdated version of the Instagram app.
  9. Minor flaws in your device could also interfere with the app’s correct operation.

Instagram will not let under 16 users have a public account, will make it private by default

Best Fixes for Instagram Messanger update not showing Issue

#1 Get the latest version of the Instagram app

Yes, you read it right. Initially, you have to make sure that you are using the updated version of the Instagram app. If you are having access to an older version, then this might cause the issue of not getting newly introduced updates. So we always recommend having the recent version of the app, so that if any update in any tool comes, then automatically, you can avail them.

In case you don’t know how to update Instagram, then follow these steps :

  • Go to the Playstore if you are using android or Go to the app store if you are accessing Instagram on iPhones.
  • Then in the search bar, type the name of the app – Instagram.
  • It will show various links.
  • Go to the official one and click on it.
  • If you are already accessing the most updated version, then it will show only uninstall and open app options.
  • But if any update is available, then you will witness an update button here.
  • Click on the Update button.
  • It will start upgrading.
  • Once done, now try to check the issue by opening the app.
  • Most probably, it will solve this issue.
  • But if the issue still persists, then follow the next fixes.
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#2 Use a VPN to solve this issue

Sometimes, what happens is that the updates are released for only some parts of the world. So if you are unable to access the update, then there are chances that you are accessing the feature from that part where that update of services is restricted or prohibited. So using a decent VPN may also help you out. A decent VPN breaks all geographic barriers by relocating to the server from a different country where that service or update is accessible. Isn’t it an amazing way?  So try to use a VPN, connect it with your device, and start enjoying all restricted services.

We recommend the usage of a paid decent VPN as free VPNs are not that effective.

#3 Force stop Instagram for a while

If VPN also doesn’t work, then one thing you can try. Follow the steps given below to get hands-on with this quick tutorial.

  • Initially go to the settings of your device
  • Under this, look for app management.
  • In this, pick Instagram.
  • When Instagram is picked, you will get an option to force stop the app.
  • Here click on the Forecestop button and clear all the cache of this app.
  • Don’t panic, it will not erase any data.
  • And one thing worth noting here is that – Don’t forget to check that whether all the app permissions are granted or not?. If it is not, then try to do it first.

Facebook Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption On Messenger Voice and Video Calls, Instagram Getting Encryption Soon

#4 Join Beta Program from Playstore

Yes, if the above methods don’t work, then you can also join and use the beta program (version) of Instagram that is freely available and accessible by all. This will definitely sort out this issue, and you will not face it again. Beta programs are basically testing programs to test new features and responses of the users.

If all of these solutions do not work for you, go into Instagram’s help center, and report this problem, they usually get back to their customers in less than 24 hours.

#5 Check the Instagram Server Status

This might happens that your Instagram direct messages don’t work because there may be some ongoing back-end server issue. so what you can do here is to keep a regular check on whether other users are also reporting a similar issue with messenger or is it only you who is facing this. Because if others are also facing then this might be a server issue, in that case, you can do nothing except reporting the problem. But if it is only you who is facing this issue then some steps to be taken by you individually.

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You can also check Instagram’s downdetector’s page.

#6 Clear the Instagram cache

Most of the time, emptying the app cache will fix problems with Instagram messages not appearing.

So, Instagram app cache must be cleared to fix messages not appearing. To delete cache from the Instagram App,

Android users should Access settings >> Look for the Instagram app >> Click on clean cache. Cache for the Instagram app will be erased.

iPhone users should access the iPhone’s settings >> Select General. Click iPhone Storage. Locate the Instagram app and choose it >> Click the Offload App button. Install Instagram once more.

After clearing the cache, verify whether Instagram messages are appearing or not.

#7 Take help from the Instagram Help center

if all methods don’t work, then you are left with only one option. This is the last one but not the least one. As Instagram help center works 24/7. So all you have to do is to report your problem or issue you are facing in that. And guess what, you will get an instant revert in a maximum of 24 hours of reporting the problem. Isn’t it amazing? So if there is an issue on the backend or your device is causing the issue, it will give you a brief description of that.

Final Words

Hey readers, hope you got the answers. this is all that we have tried and worked for us in solving the issue of “Instagram Messenger update not showing”. These methods are tried and 100% working. So stop overthinking and try out the fixes mentioned above to solve this issue. If you have tried another way that worked for you, then also share it with us in the comment section so that we can add that one as well here.

Stay tuned for more such updates !!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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