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iOS 15.6 18 Security Issues: Latest iPhone Update Fixes



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It’s been two months since iOS 15.5 was released. And recently iOS 15.6 came and fixed a bundle of vulnerabilities of iOS15.5 that can’t be ignored. There were almost 39 security vulnerabilities, out f which some were very serious from a security point of view. So, it is advised that if you have not done then apply iOS 15.6 as early as possible.

One of the biggest flaws that we noticed in iOS 15.6 was in Apple File System (APFS) tracked as CVE-2022-32832. this was allowing the app to execute code with kernel privileges, according to Apple’s support page.

Another issue that is resolved with iOS 15.6 update is – AppleAVD which could allow a remote attacker to cause kernel code execution. Moreover, the latest upgrade also provides patches of vulnerabilities in ImageIO, GPU Drivers, IOMobileFrameBuffer, Kernel, and WebKit.

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iOS 15 update

iOS 15 is the latest operating system for iPhone. It first made headlines at an event by Apple at WWDC in June 2021. The final version of it was released for installation on iPhones on 20 September 2021. With this upgrade, we got access to some exclusive features like interface changes, security fixes, and a raft of new features.

So, today we are back with all the details about this iOS 15 software update, bugs, vulnerabilities, and fixes of iOS 15.6. Well, apple is still working on the beta versions and fixing the issues reported by users. let us know about them in detail.

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 iOS 15.6 – An Overview

The first version of iOS 15 came on September 20, 2021. Nevertheless, Apple has issued multiple updates after it.In the same series, the most latest version is iOS 15.6. the main feature that got improved with its release is – Video control, as it helps in tuning in to live sports more efficiently now.

The previous update of iOS, iOS 15.5 came on 16 May and has brought multiple fixes for security issues like Wallet, and Podcasts updates.

Whereas iOS 15.4 came on March 14 and offered the users the ability to use Face ID even while wearing a mask. Moreover, it came with a lot of improvements in Siri, and iCloud Keychain features. Those with an iPad could finally take advantage of Universal Control.

The latest beta version of iOS 15

Apple runs a beta program for developers and the general public.

The last beta version was iOS 15.6. Now that Apple has released the final version of that it is unlikely there will be further beta updates as the company is now focused on the development of iOS 16.

iOS 15 security concerns

Well, Apple is proactively working on its operating systems and making them better every day. But still, there are many flaws and security issues with iOS 15.6 update.  In fact, Each update to iOS 15 has addressed various bugs and security issues.

As you know, the company Apple released iOS 15.6 build number 19G71. It came with a bundle of advancements, bug fixes, and security updates. but still, there are many issues and bugs that are unresolved and pilling up. so let’s have closer look at them. 

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iOS 15.6 Problems

Below are the issues spotted in iOS 15.6 :

  • A battery drain issue: this issue made headlines when it was reported by Dejan. He posted –  “iOS 15.6 extreme battery drain”
    And yes, it was true. When we use it normally for 4 hours, It showed 30%  battery.”Update: In fact, Similar battery draining problems have been reported by other users too.Note: iPhone will reindex data after an iOS update. Accentuated battery drain for the first 24 hours after the update isn’t uncommon. If this issue continues after a couple of days, a battery draining issue can be invoked.Tip: If you also feel that iOS 15.6 is draining the iPhone battery faster than iOS 15.5, please report it in the comments. Also, check out the troubleshooting options provided here.
  • Storage full bug still occurring according to reports. It claims that the storage is full although there’s capacity available on the device.

Some other issues of iOS 15.6

  • SIM Card not recognized
  • iPhone keeps restarting
  • Hearing aids do not pair with iPhone in iOS 15.6.
  • iPhone won’t turn On after updating to iOS 15.6.
  • Tip: Try connecting iPhone to Mac or Windows computer.
  • iPhone front camera and flashlight stopped working

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