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iOS Haven: Download the Third Party Store on iPhone & iPad



iOS Haven

Today with the advancement of technology, Third Party App Stores flourish on the Internet that is not officially available. Some people prefer using third-party stores over Apple App Store in order to protect their privacy. These app Stores are loaded with many tweaked and modded apps and games that are the latest craze among the youth. People are interested in knowing How to download the iOS Haven app on iPhone.

Want to download Tweaks Apps and games to your iPhone or Pad? Sadly, the Official App store does not contain the modded apps. So, the users need to rely on third Party App Stores. Fortunately, iOS Haven is one of the best Third Party App Stores powered by the people in the jailbreak community. Using this App Store, you can download 3rd party apps on your iPhone without jailbreaking your device.

Wondering How to Download iOS Haven on your iPhone and iPad? Then this post is entirely for you.

iOS Haven App Store- A Quick Overview

iOS Haven is the third-party App Store offering tweaked apps, games, jailbreak tweaks, unsigned apps, and more. You will get unlimited Third-party apps and games in this App Store. This App Store does not charge fees for downloading any app. You don’t even need to register for an account.

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It is one of the popular App Stores that provide a load of unauthorized, unsigned, tweaked, altered, and modded iOS applications and games, which are not accessible on the authorized App Store.


  • There is no need to jailbreak your device
  • Gets regular updates on all apps
  • Easy to download and Install
  • Absolutely no cost.
  • Pretty Impressive User Interface
  • Lightweight Application
  • No need to create an Account
  • Have a collection of more than 1000 tweaked apps and emulators
  • It does not slow down the speed of your device
  • No hidden charges at all
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

How to Download the iOS Haven App on iOS/iPad?

Method 1: Direct Installation via Safari

  • To download this app Store, you must first install Safari Browser on your device.
  • Now, Visit the Official Website of iOS Haven.
  • The next step is to trust that the page will load.
  • Look for the square and arrow symbols available on the Safari Toolbar.
  • Add the website to your Home Screen
  • Now you require to click on Add option
  • These steps will add iOS Haven to the home screen of your device

Method 2: Via Rescue Server

To install iOS Haven via Rescue Server, you must run Rescue Server on your Mac device.

  • First of all open the web browser on your Mac Device.
  • Look for Download rescue Server and download it.
  • Once it gets downloaded, Install it on your device
  • Launch Rescue Server and keep it running on your background
  • Turn on the iTunes WiFi Sync option on your iOS. Try to connect to the same WiFi as the Rescue Server
  • Now, look for the app that you want to download and install it on your device

How to Access iOS Haven Apps on iOS Device?

The app store is very easy to access. This App Store lets you download a wide range of apps. Follow these steps to access the App Store on iOS Device

  • First of all, Open the iOS Haven App Store.
  • Look for the app that you want to download. Use can use the Search bar to find the app.
  • The App will appear on the screen. Tap on Get and Install button next to the app. That’s it!
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However, many users complain that when they try to access the App Store, they face an Untrusted Developer Error. There is no need to be scared. By showing this message, Apple wants to notify you that they could not verify the developer, but you can do it yourself!

How to fix Untrusted Developer Error?

The users can manually fix this error by following a few simple steps:

  • First of all, the users must remember the developer’s name mentioned in the Error Message.
  • Now, open the Settings of your device and go to General, then Profiles
  • Click on the developer’s name mentioned in the message.
  • Tap on Trust and close Settings. That’s it! Now, you will not receive any Error Messages and can enjoy iOS Haven uninterruptedly

iOS Haven App Store on Android

Android Users will be happy to know they can access iOS Haven App Store on their Android devices without much effort. It provides the same functionality as that Tweakbox, however comparatively safer than it. The Steps to access iOS Haven App on Android devices are as follows:

  • First, open your device’s web browser and look for the APK file from the app store.
  • Tap on the download link to open the app on your web browser.
  • Look for the app that you want to download.
  • Tap on the Install button to get the app on your device

Is iOS Haven safe to Access?

Yes, the App Store is quite safe to access. You don’t need to jailbreak your devices. It does not harm the data or the devices in any way. For safety purposes, it is recommended to use a good Antivirus program.

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Alternatives of iOS Haven

You will be surprised to know that more than 300 App Store options on the Internet provide unofficial apps. However, not all the app Stores work similarly. From a safety point of view, choosing the App Store wisely after a proper search is necessary. For the ease of our readers, we are mentioning some of its best Alternatives:


AppValley is one of the best third Party App Stores, offering a vast category of apps and games. The developers keep on bringing regular updates to the App Store. The App is entirely safe to use and does not require jailbreaking. You can download thousands of the updated app versions unavailable on the Official App Store.


CokernutX is one of the popular third-party app Stores that lets you download all the tweaks apps such as Instagram or Spotify++. As compared to its Competitors, CokernutX offers many unique features and services. This app works smoothly and is compatible with almost all devices.


Q1: Is iOS Haven available for Android?

Unfortunately not. The Android Version of the app is not available for Android Users yet.

Q2: Do I need to Jailbreak my iPhone to use iOS Haven?

It is a web browser-based App Store. So you do not need to jailbreak your phone to use the iOSHaven app.

Q3: How to delete iOS Haven?

  1. First of all, tap and long-press on the iOSHaven icon
  2. When the icon wiggles, tap on the ( – ) on the icon
  3. Now tap on Delete, and iOSHaven will be removed from your device.

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