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Is It Time To Host An Event For Your Business? Here’s What To Think About



When it comes to your business it is always going to be worth it to think outside of the box when it comes to different ideas and what you can do. In a world that seems to be always vying for people’s attention, it is ideal if your business can stand out from the crowd. This is why your marketing strategy can be so important. You focus on your social media content, you ensure that your business remains present and consistent in the online world. However, there is still a market to focus on when it comes to attracting people’s attention physically.

But how can you do that when often some of the old school ways of advertising seem obsolete? This is when events can be the answer. It gives you the chance to focus on your local community, it can help you when it comes to standing out and showcasing what you are all about, and it can certainly allow you tap into what can be an unsaturated point of marketing for you. After all, you could be the only person or business that does what you do in your locality? So where do you get started when it comes to hosting an event? Here are some of the things to think about to help you get started and organise something worthy of your business.

Before the event

Before the event there is a lot of predation work that needs to go into it to ensure that your event becomes the success that you imagine it to be. So the best thing to do is to focus your energy initially on preparation and making it happen. Here are some of the things to start organising.

What sort of event will work?

One of the first things to decide upon is to consider what sort of event will work for your business. This is whether you think that an event outside would work or whether you want something a little more initiate indoors. It would also depend on the time of year as an outside event would be better if the weather was warmer and brighter, such as a spring or summer event. You might also want to think about the timing of your event. Would you want something that could take place all day, where people can drop in and out of it, or is something more structured within a set timeframe be more suitable? These things can help you to decide other factors of the event, so make sure you know what sort of event will work for your business early into the planning process.

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Who is the event aimed at?

The next thing you will want to think about is who the event will be aimed at. This is when you may need to think about the type of event that will work well for your business. Will the vent be aimed at families? Where you will not only focus on the business side of things but also encourage entertainment and other factors to make the whole thing enjoyable? What about joining forces with other businesses in the community? You may find that doing this can help to expand your reach and also make the vent have much more value for the people who attend.

What will happen at the event?

Knowing the timescale and who the vent will be aimed at is one area done, but you also need to think about the actual process of the event and will happen there? This is when you need to think outside of the box. Sure you want your business to be a focus, and this is when a stand for it, and also an opportunity to talk and present will be ideal. This could also work for other businesses as well so it gives the event a lot more grounding. But think about other aspects. What about catering options? Will you offer up food to eat? You will also need to think about things such as electric hookups and generators so that things like cooking can take place as well as other aspects such as mucus, microphones for talks and other entertainment such as bouncy castles and family fun activities. Once you start thinking about the possibilities you will find that there is so much you can add to your event.

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Getting the word out there

Once you event is all planned and you have organised everything you now need to ensure people are going to turn up. This is when you need to get the word out. Think about things such as social media campaigns discussing this, advertise locally in community magazines and use dedicated groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to showcase the vent with all of the relevant details. You could also look at doing leaflets for the event and then attaching a business card to it so that they can get the relevant information they need. You can always look at bespoke business cards through online printing companies. The more you target your audience with the information, the more successful your business event will be. Also it might be worth putting leaflets and business cards in local retail shops to help spread the word. Especially if you have got local involvement from them as well.

Image source – pixabay – cco license

During the event

Once you get to the day that the event is taking place, you now need to think about all of the ways you can make it worthwhile during the actual thing. You will want to take advantage of every opportunity that you have so here are two of the things to get right on the day.

Showcase what is going on through social media

Social media not only will help you advertise the event but you can also utilise it during it as well. If you have an event that is taking place all day, for example, social media and sharing what is happening could encourage people to make last minute decisions to turn up. Based on what it is you share. Use tools like live video, Instagram stories, and social media takeovers to share as much as you can. This is what will be used as evidence for future events and attendance as well as encourage people to share where they have been to their following. Extending your reach organically. This is also a great way to help people share the information. Especially important if your event is running over afew days. That first day of social media exposure can be vital for attracting people in the coming days or at your next event.

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Encourage people to share and devise an easy way to do it

On the subject of getting people to share a great way to do that is by creating a hashtag for the event. This is what people can use and allow people not easy search content out and see things for themselves. It is such an easy way to help you spread the message but also help you to find content that you can use and share, with the permission of the poster and content creator of course. The more you do this, the more content you have which can all work in exposure for your business or to help attract people to future events.

Running a business event can be an exciting prospect for any business and an easy way to attract customers and clients without the need for a hard sell. Let’s hope these tips help you to host an event in the future for your business.


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