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Is Laurie Anderson Gay? Discover Here!



Is Laurie Anderson Gay

There are many Celebrities that become really successful due to their Accomplishments. They really worked hard to develop their skills and abilities. The young generation considers them as their role models. Fans really want to know every detail about their favorite personality. Laurie Anderson is one of the famous Celebrities that got successful due to her hard work and dedication. Fans are interested to know if Laurie Anderson Gay.

Laurie Anderson is a well-known Musician, Composer, and Performance Artist. People best known for her work in a wide range of experimental music and art rock genres. She became a Worldwide sensation when O Superman reached number two on the UK pop chats. Laurie became a household name in 1980 when she recorded Eight-minute long song.

Are You a big fan of Laurie Anderson and wanted to know if Lurie Anderson is Gay or not, then you arrived at the most appropriate post? We have done great research and created a most knowledgeful post for you. So keep reading.

Who is Laurie Anderson?

Laurie Anderson is a prominent American Avant-Garde Artist, Composer, Musician, And Film Director. Her real name is Laura Phillips Anderson. She came to this beautiful world on 5 June 1947. Her birth place is Laura Phillips Anderson in Glen Ellyn. Presently she is 75 years old. She is single and not dating anyone.

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Laurie gave her first Art piece performance in the late 1960s while she was studying sculpture and got very popular. In the year 1986, she enters the world of Acting and Directing. Her first movie was Home of the Brave.

Apart from it, she is a pioneer of many Musical Instruments that she invented in her whole Career. She invented many devices that she needed for recording and performance that includes the tape bow in 1977 and the talking stick in the late 1990s, among other things.

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Is Laurie Anderson Gay?

People are curious to know whether Laurie Anderson is Gay or not.

There are lots of rumors on the Internet that suggest that Laurie Anderson is Gay. Well, these are only rumors. Nobody knows the reality. She never revealed her preferred sexual orientation in public. So it is difficult to say whether Laurie is Straight, Gay, or Bisexual.

Age of Laurie Anderson

She stands for 5 feet and 9 inches tall.


Laurie Anderson received elementary Education from a Local School in New York. In 1969, she earned her B.A. in art history at Barnard College. After that, she got her MFA in sculpture at Columbia University in 1972.


Laurie gave her first art performance in the year 1969. Later, she became an Illustrator for Children’s Books. In the year 1970, Laurie gave the most memorable performance. In ‘duets on Ice, she played the Violin on Ice Skates with Frozen Blades that She Removed After the Show. In the year 1078, she collaborated with Andy Kaufman and gave a wonderful performance at Nova Convention.

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In the 1980s she released many hit songs and Albums back to back. Some of these are O Superman, Was Sung and Spoken in Parts, Warner Bros, Big Science, and more.

Her debut Album 1989’s Strange Angels were superhit. She emphasizes singing in this album. She gave a live performance at “the End of The Moon” that took place at her own residency NASA. Fans were really impressed with the way she perform- singing, her way of telling stories, and doing experiments while playing Violin.

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Laurie Anderson got married to the Musician, Composer, and Photographer Lewis Allan “Lou” Reed. Despite the Celebrities, their marriage function is intimate. They further revealed this in public by arranging a Reception Party in New York. However, she lost her husband just after seven years of their marriage.

Awards and Achievements

She received the prestigious Gish Prize in 2007 for Her “significant Contribution to The Beauty of The Planet and The Enjoyment and Knowledge of Life by Mankind.”

New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute awarded Laurie in the year 2012 for being Distinguished Artist in Residence.

She won a Grammy for a chamber music album.


Q1: Who is Laurie Anderson?

Laurie Anderson is a famous Compose, Artist, Musician, and Film Director.

Q2: Is Laurie Andeson is gay?

She never reveals her sexual orientation in public. She is either straight or gay

Q3: Is Laurie Anderson still Alive?

Yes! Laurie is still alive and living a healthy and wealthy life

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Q4: Which Instruments does Laurie Anderson Play?

She used to play a lot of instruments. Some of them are- Percussion Instruments, Violin, Singing, Synclavier, and more.

Q5: Which Record labels did Laurie Anderson work with?

Some of the biggest Record Labels with whom she worked are Elektra Records, Nonesuch Records, and Warner Bros. Records.

Q6: What is the total Net Worth of Laurie Anderson?

As per the sources, her estimated Net Worth is 2 Milli

Q7: Which Instruments are invented by Laurie?

  • Tape Bow Violin
  • Talking Stick
  • Voice Filters

Final Words

That’s pretty much about Laurie Anderson Gay. She truly wins the heart of the audience with her unique style. Laurie is a popular singer/songwriter, multi-media artist, and creative pioneer. She always remained tight-lipped about her sexual preferences. However, there are lots of rumors in the air that She is gay, however, no one knows the reality. I hope you will find the post really interesting.

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