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Is Security Mail Instagram Com is Legit? (Explained)



Instagram Keeps Crashing

Instagram is the most popular Social Media Platform that has millions of followers all across the globe. is a legitimate email address associated with the Instagram Account that lets users communicate with the Instagram Security team to report any suspicious Activity. However, many Instagram Fraudsters are accessing this email address to commit crimes.

Security Mail Instagram com is a fake email used by scammers to steal your Instagram Account Information. If you accidentally click on any suspicious mail through this id, the scammers may hack your Account. However, by staying away from any suspicious mail and taking proper safety measures, you can prevent letting your Passwords falls into the wrong hands.

Today in this post we will discuss what exactly this email is, What safety precautions should you take to safeguard your Account, and how to get back your Account if it is hacked by someone. So keep reading the entire post.

What is Security Mail Instagram com? was a legit email address that is used by users to communicate with the Instagram Support team to report any suspicious activity. These security emails are sent to users when they need to change their usernames, passwords, or other details. However, scammers have created fake IDs for phishing IG Accounts. These emails look legitimate but actually, they are malicious.

So if you receive any weird mail from this address, you should be cautious. You really need to check the authenticity of the message by visiting the login page of the official Instagram website. Even if the Security email looks authentic, probably it might be a fake one. By sending this email, someone is trying to persuade you that someone logged into your Account. They will ask you to change your password immediately by the provided link.

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Here, they are actually trying to trick the user by hacking their Account. So users need to be very cautious and not open such emails.

How to Prevent Getting Hacked by Security mail Instagram com?

One thing you really need to keep in mind is that Instagram never asks for your Username, Password, or other personal details via emails, direct messaging, and other means. If you are receiving any mail that is asking for personal information, probably it is a scam and you need to report Instagram immediately.

By following these simple steps, you can easily check whether the mail is sent by Instagram or its a scam


  • First of all, open the Instagram app on your device and hover over the Profile section.
  • Now tap on three line icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Click on settings.
  • Under Settings, tap on Security.
  • Under the Security section, tap on Emails from Instagram.

In this section, you will see all the emails sent by Instagram to you. Look for the email that you received recently. If it does not appear here, that means the mail is sent by the hacker. So you should totally ignore the message that does not appear in this section.

Indications of Phishing  Emails

If the mail is not authentic, there must be some mistake in the URL of the mail. It might be a spelling mistake that really misleads the reader. For instance- At one glance it looks identical to but really is not. So always looks for the following unmistakeable indications of a phishing scam:

  • Incorrect Spellings
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Message sent to you through DM
  • Links with suspicious URLs such as. cf should be avoided
  • The images of the screenshots are not fully loaded
  • Asking for money immediately
  • Asking for your Personal information
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Security measures to be taken to protect your Instagram Account from Hackers

1)Your Password should be strong and unique:

It is really important that your Instagram Account should have strong Passwords. The Password should be 14 to 16 characters long which is a combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. To keep your information safe, update all your Passwords at regular intervals.

2) Do not click on any suspicious link

First, check the authenticity of the message or mail you received before opening any suspicious link.

3) Avoid sharing your personal details with third-party apps and unknown people

Never share your personal details with anyone including your family and friends.

4) Enable 2FA

Always enable two-factor authentication for your Instagram Account as it adds an extra layer of security to the Account. When you try to log in through a new device, you will receive a code through SMS. So, if someone gets the password of your Account, they can’t access your account without your phone or email address. To enable 2-factor Authentication, follow these steps:

  • Open your Instagram account and click on Profile
  • Tap on three line icon and then Settings
  • Under Settings, tap on Security
  • After that, click on Two Factor Authentication
  • Finally, Select Text Message or Select Authentication App

How to Recover your Hacked Instagram Account?

What to do if someone hacks your Instagram Account? The possibility that the hacker might change the password and control your Account. In that case, follow the steps below to recover your account:

  • As usual, try to log in to your Account and tap on Forget Password
  • Click on Another Way until you see My Account was hacked option
  • Tap on it and enter your email address.
  • Click on Submit
  • It will send a code to your email.
  • Enter the code and click on Submit
  • Once you confirmed, a video selfie will start
  • Tap on Submit Video.
  • Once you have done, a pop-up window will appear telling you your request has been received.
  • Tap on Done. It will send you a mail that reads wait for one business day.
  • The next day you will receive another mail through which you can reset your password
  • After getting a new password, immediately go to your Account and set up two factors Authentification
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does Phishing mean on Instagram?

When someone tries to get access to your Instagram Account, they used to send you suspicious mail or messages asking for your personal details. These messages look authentic and even threatens you to follow the given instruction otherwise the Account could be banned.

Q2: What are the early signs of Phishing?

  • Spelling Mistakes
  • Asking for Personal Information
  • Giveaways or Prizes in exchange for personal details
  • Asking you to make a payment
  • You won a lottery
  • A fake link that leads you to another website

Q3: Does Instagram Sends Security Mail?

Instagram used to send Security emails if it identify unusual login attempts. If someone uses different Devices at different locations that are unusual from the normal logins, you might receive an email from Instagram. But we really need to be very careful as not all emails are genuine.

Final Words

That’s pretty much everything about Security mail Instagram com. Actually, it is an official mail from Instagram that is used to send notifications to users from time to time. But some fraudsters are accessing this mail id to get access to others’ IG accounts. However, with some safety measures and education, we can easily prevent our Accounts from hacking. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. Keep sharing it with your family and friends too.

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