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JioPhone Next will be the world’s first smartphone with Pragati OS, will be equipped with these amazing features



JioPhone Next Pragati OS: JioPhone Next smartphone will run on Pragati OS. This is an Android operating system made by Google, which has been specially made for Indians. At the same time, JioPhone Next will be the world’s first smartphone, in which Pragat OS will be used. Pragati OS has been prepared by top technicians of Jio and Google. Qualcomm processor will be given in JioPhone Next smartphone. This processor will enhance optimized connectivity and location technology, audio, and better battery usage.

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Features of JioPhone Next

JioPhone Next Pragati OS Pragati OS has been prepared by the top technicians of Jio and Google. Qualcomm’s processor will be given in the JioPhone Next smartphone. This processor-optimized connectivity and location technology will enhance audio and better battery usage.

Voice Assistant

The voice assistant helps users to operate the device (like open apps, manage settings, etc.) as well as easy access information/content from the internet in their own language.

It allows users to consume content by speaking it in a language they can understand.
Enables the user to translate any screen in the language of his choice. It also helps users to read any content in the language of their choice.

Easy and Smart Camera

The device is equipped with a smart and powerful camera with various photography modes including Portrait mode. If the user wants, keeping his subject in focus and the background around him in auto mode
automatic blur background

Night mode allows users to take great pictures even in low light.

The camera app comes pre-loaded with the Indian Augmented Reality filter. That is, many filters come pre-loaded in the camera.

Jio and Google Apps Preloaded

All available Android apps can be used on the device. Which can be downloaded to the device through Google Play Store. Thus they have the freedom to choose any app from the millions of apps available on the Play Store. It also comes preloaded with several Jio and Google apps.
automatic software upgrade

JioPhone Next stays updated with automatic software updates. Its experiences will get better with time. This is the security that saves you from internet-related troubles

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