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KickAss Proxy List 2021 (100% Working Proxy Sites & Mirrors to Unlock Kickass in Any Region)



KickAss Proxy

Looking for KickAss Proxy sites?

Torrenting is a popular name for all entertainment lovers and seekers. It is one of the most convenient ways to share large files using the P2P file-sharing model. Since using this P2P model, you don’t have to depend on any single website. Whatever you want to see, torrents make it easy for you from live shows, action, thriller, drama, romantic, web series, movies, or a TV show, everything you can watch for free.

But using torrents comes with its own risks. As in many parts of the world, torrenting is strictly banned but still, people use it with the help of Virtual Private Networks.

There is no doubt in saying that Kickass Proxy was definitely one of the best torrent sites we have ever used after the ban of pirates bay. In fact, another popular torrent site BitTorrent that was founded in the year 2008 was banned in the year 2016 when it also experienced a fair share of success.

7 Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites That Works Perfectly (100% Working Torrent Websites)

What are Kickass Proxy or Mirror Sites?

KickAss is a popular name that wore the crown of the torrent king for quite a long time since its release in the year 2008. The obvious reason is its superior quality torrents. It is not that other sites don’t offer free torrents but the quality it offers is truly unbeatable.

The popularity it got was truly unmatchable. But it soon started rankling in the eyes of the government authorities and agencies. Many agencies claimed the use of sites like Kickass proxy to be illegal. So the government started giving notices and strict warrants to the owner of the site so at last, the owners have put down their site.

But soon many KickAss proxy sites and KickAss alternatives come up. now many of the users ask that what are KickAss proxy sites? So for their information, let me tell you that they are nothing but the clone or replicas or we can say mirror sites of KickAss that look and function exactly in the same way as KickAss but there is a very little change in its URL. These KickAss proxy sites help to unblock the torrent sites.

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Some of KickAss alternatives are,,,,,,,,, kickass.unblocked.kat,, kickass unblocked lol, kickass.unblocked.kat, and more.

KickAss Proxy Sites List

As you must be aware that for downloading anything from torrents, you must have a torrent search engine first and a torrent client. But Kickass proxy has removed all these sorts of issues. Since all the torrent search engines have almost vanished and it gets immense popular. But when the Kickass Proxy site was at its peak in terms of popularity level, then it was banned by many governments of the world.   But you don’t have to fret over it because many kickass alternatives or sites like kickass proxy have now come up and filled the void created by the ban of it.


More details about KickAss Proxy Sites 2021

#1 katcr. to

After banning KickAss, many websites have popped up to fill the void of KickAss. Katcr. to is one site like KickAss that is also popular as the Kat mirror site. This website caters to all sorts of entertainment one needs in life like movies, games, Tv shows, web series, and whatnot.

#2 Kat. sx

Kat. sx is also one of the most popular sites like Kickass Proxy. It is also popular as one of the best KickAss alternatives 2021. The main reason behind its popularity is that here you can get any magnet link that is required by the user to satisfy its cravings for entertainment. Its outlook and speed both are outstanding. This provides accurate results of torrents. If you are looking for something exclusive and you didn’t find it anywhere then this is the place where you can get all that you are looking for. It is known for being the best match search engine as well.

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#3 Kat. li

Kat. li is also a great site like KickAss Proxy that comes with a unique user interface. The latest kat site is getting much popular nowadays and the obvious reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. How simpler the interface will be the most popular it will get. Because her users don’t have to navigate too much while making the search for the desired item. Here also you can get anything you want from the latest movies to your favorite shows, it has everything. Moreover, this site also promises one thing to its users that no activity will be tracked anyhow of the users, so the users who have legal concerns can also check out this without any hustles.

#4 Kickass. cd is another popular proxy site like KickAss. This also makes the searching of torrent files much easier. Almost all kinds of torrent files like games, music, TV shows, web series, and the latest movies everything can be seen here without incurring any cost. this is also one of the most easiest and convenient Kickass Proxy sites to use.


This is also a great alternative as a KickAss proxy site that acts very much similar to KickAss Proxy. This also serves best in terms of its simplicity and service. This includes TV shows, movies, songs, etc. Every user who used it once gets hooked on it.


KickAss Torrents Alternatives 2021 

1. The Pirate Bay

It is a leading torrent site and one of the best sites like KickAss. Also, It is a very much popular hosting site that bundles up huge databases of unique and exclusive content. It comprises all sorts of content like movies, songs, and software. Many users trust it blindly and are definitely considered one of the best KickAss alternatives.


RARBG is definitely one of the most used and most controversial KickAss Proxy alternatives. Many countries like UK, Portugal, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia have completely blocked all kinds of access to it. Although being banned, it is still much popular in all parts of the world, since it is very much popular and the simplest interface to use. It also provides magnet links and all links required to download any kind of torrent.

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3. Demonoid

Demonoid is basically a BitTorrent tracker that offers multiple discussion forums and searchable indexes. This site like kickAss Proxy also bundles up a vast collection of files of all sorts of entertainment like movies, Tv shows, games, etc.

4. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is also one of the best sites like KickAss. It also offers content of similar quality that KickAss offers. In fact, this is nowadays getting more popular than KickAss torrents. This is the reason why Kickass torrents were listed below the IsoHunt torrents in the list of most popular torrent websites last year.

5. LimeTorrents

You will be elated to know that LimeTorrents is one of the leading torrent sites like KickAss. It is also considered one of the best torrent sites and ranked fourth in the world of torrenting sites. You won’t believe but only this site has over 10 million active torrent files all across its servers.

6. YTS

YTS is proven to be a great KickAss proxy alternative. the main reason behind its immense popularity is to download HD movie files. The original Yify Torrents right now have been discontinued but still, there are many other mirror sites that are running and receiving large amounts of traffic.

Final Words :

Hey readers, this is all about “KickAss Proxy sites”. We have also listed all the best sites like KickAss so that if you were a huge fan of KickAss Proxy then you can follow these KickAss alternatives mentioned over there. I hope this would help you out to satisfy your cravings for KickAss Proxy.

But before proceeding with any KickAss proxy site, you must know that many such sites offer pirated content and are legally banned in many parts of the world. So clicking or accessing any such site may make you stuck in legal hurdles. So, it is always recommended to think twice before going to any torrent site and always use a decent VPN before accessing any blocked content.

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