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Kyedae Shymko Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Twitch, Youtube and More



Kyedae Shymko Age

Gone are the days when models, footballers, actors, and cricketers used to get celebrity status, as now a new category is added to the list in the name of Twitch streamers. The internet is perpetually awash with tons of names that have gained popularity through this platform, and one such is Kyedae Shymko. But do you know how much she earns, who her boyfriend is, and what is Kyedae Shymko Age?

If you want to unveil some exciting facts about Kyedae, keep scrolling the page and dig into her life more. This gamer and content creator has amassed a massive fan following and makes the maximum earnings through subscriptions. Are you ready to learn more? Read on and cater to the curiosity inside you. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Who is Kyedae Shymko?

Before we jump into the Kyedae Shymko Age or her boyfriend or income, let’s first formally introduce this Twitch streamer to depict the clear picture. Kyedae is a Canadian gamer, Twitch streamer, and content creator. She is widely applauded for streaming various games on Twitch and has earned huge popularity among gamers worldwide.

She owns a self-titled YouTube channel where she uploads her game-related content and other things to keep the viewers engaged. Kyedae Shymko is extremely popular on Twitch and has amassed around 600+ followers. Her huge fan following is enough to understand her popularity and celebrity status.

In addition to gaming, Kyedae is also known for its incredible fashion sense. Her personality and styling sense often attract males and females toward her, thus increasing her followers and her income. She often shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photographs on her Instagram account, increasing her popularity across various audiences.

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Overall, Kyedae Shymko emerged as a talented gamer and became famous for her striking looks, cute smile, and fantastic personality. Unlike Twitch Streamers like Hannah Owo, Kyedae’s social media presence and popularity have grown astoundingly, and you can refer to her as an emerging celebrity.

What is Kyedae Shymko Age?

Curious to know about the Kyedae Shymko Age? Scroll down the page and learn how old this star Twitch streamer is. As far as our information is concerned, she was born on 1st December 2001; hence, Kyedae is around 22 years old.

She has mixed ethnicity, as her mother is Japanese and her father is Ukrainian. Kyedae Shymko follows Christianity, and she has a sibling named Sakura Shymko. Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she loves traveling, gaming, and creating content. Kyedae Shymko is around 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 54 kg. Her brown eyes and shiny black hair add more to her beautiful personality.

Speaking of Kyedae Shymko’s studies, she attended the University of British Columbia for higher studies and completed high school in her hometown. This Twitch Streamer is known to be highly talented, owing to which she plays games like no other and loves sharing the highlights with her fans and followers.

Kyedae Shymko Net Worth – How Rich is this Twitch Streamer?

Contrary to the popular belief, this Twitch streamer and gamer is doing well in terms of income and earnings. While her net worth isn’t officially confirmed, it is estimated to be around $850,000 as of 2023.

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Kyedae Shymko’s primary income source is Twitch, sponsorships, and YouTube subscribers. She streams on Twitch regularly and earns money through her followers, paid advertisements, personal sponsorships, and donations.

In addition, Kyedae Shymko has also engaged with some well-known brands and promotes them on Twitch and other social media platforms to earn a lump sum of money. Speaking of her paid subscriptions, she has an estimated 3,374 paid subscribers, which helps them make about $8500 a month from just subscriptions alone. We hope you now understand the reason behind Kyedae Shymko Net Worth.

Moreover, this YouTube star also makes money through ads on her videos, and the estimated amount is somewhere between $5k to $10k every month. Surprising, isn’t it?

On top of everything, Kyedae also earns massive money through her own merchandise store. You will be surprised to know that this Twitch Streamer has recently launched her own online merchandise store under the domain name

There, she has listed a variety of apparel, accessories, and other collections. Hence, this income source shouldn’t be overlooked when describing Kyedae Shymko’s net worth.

Is Kyedae Shymko Single or Married?

Now that you know about Kyedae Shymko’s age and net worth, it’s time to unveil her relationship status. This Twitch streamer is neither single nor married. Yes, you read it right, meaning she is currently dating someone.

As far as our resources are concerned, Kyedae Shymko is currently dating Tenz, a fellow influencer and Twitch streamer. They have been in a relationship for a long while, and surprisingly, all this Twitch streaming started from Tenz’s account. But later, Kyedae started streaming the content on her personal channel; the rest is history.

Their relationship status isn’t hidden from anyone, and both can be seen in cozy photographs that Kyedae often shares on her Instagram handle. Fans love this beautiful couple and refer to them as a made-for-each-other type.

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Some Interesting Facts About Kyedae Shymko

Are you still looking for more about this Twitch Streamer? Scroll down, find some interesting facts about her, and dig into her life a bit more.

  • Kyedae Shymko is a die-hard dog lover, and she owns two dogs, namely Kuro and Mochi.
  • She currently lives in Los Angeles and loves traveling to a great extent.
  • Her favorite fast food chain is Chiptole.
  • Kyedae Shymko is an anime and discord lover.
  • She joined Twitter in 2019.
  • She has brown eyes and an extended height.
  • This Twitch streamer streams around 80 – 100 hours monthly; however, the schedule isn’t fixed or pre-decided.

Summing Up

That’s all about Kyedae Shymko age, net worth, and boyfriend. We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and found it worthwhile. This Twitch streamer and YouTuber needs no special introduction, and their huge fan base is enough to speak for them. Kyedae is among the wealthiest Twitch streamers with incredible net worth and monthly earnings.

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