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Little Nightmares Characters: Meet The Main Characters In The Game



Little Nightmares Characters

Little Nightmares is one of the best puzzle-based Horror Indie Video games that is available to play on multiple platforms. This game is all about escaping from the monsters, gathering collectible items, and progressing until you get the way to get out of the Maw. This game includes lots of harmful creatures. Little Nightmares Characters have unique personalities.

Hide and seek from the enemies keeps the suspense in the game till the end. The gameplay of Little Nightmares is comparatively short. However, you will remember this game due to its unique storyline.

If you are entering the world of Little Nightmares for the first time, you must be updated with the list of Little Nightmares Characters waiting for you in the world of Maw. So without delay, let’s get started:

A Quick Overview of Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a beautiful game created by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This adventurous game is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. The game’s story follows a young girl, Six, who got trapped in a strange vessel full of dangerous creatures and monsters.

After awakening, this little girl fights her enemies to save other trapped kids. The game received a great response. After that, the publisher released its sequel in February 2021.

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Little Nightmares Characters List

Little Nightmares Series hosts many monstrous creatures you need to fight smartly to progress in the game. This game will put you into the shoes of a small kid in a very intense situation. Before starting to play the game, you must aware of all the characters of the game. So let’s meet the Characters of Little Nightmares:

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Six: She is a cute little girl who wants to escape the Maw.

Nomes: Nomes are the little creatures that used to hide among the Maw pipes and cracks. Once they were small children, but due to the Lady, they converted into the current form.

Janitor: The janitor is a blinded creature who fled to the Maw. This creature uses its power of hearing to catch its prey.

Chefs: Two identical chefs used to prepare meals for the guest of the Maw.

The Guests: It includes lots of creatures that are known as the guests of Maw

The Lady:

Who is Six?

Six is a cute 9-year-old girl who is wearing a yellow colored raincoat. She is the main playable character of the game. The game’s entire story is focused on her when she is trapped in a Maw. Six is a smart girl that possesses many unique abilities, including climbing skills. Six is a brave and cunning Character that passes to many nooks by exploring the unpredictable place.

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Six has short black shaggy hair with fragile limbs. She is three times shorter than a normal human being. She is wearing a long yellow raincoat that contains three buttons, two small pockets, and a hood. Six is equipped with a small lighter she always carries in her pocket while navigating.

She is so strong that she can support her weight on the rope. Six qualities include running and jumping, Climbing, Walking, Eating, attacking, Thinking, and more.

Who is Janitor?

The Maw is the floating area amid Ocean that used to imprison small kids. A janitor is a blind person who used to care for these kids. However, Six manages to escape from Janitor. When Janitor knows this, he starts chasing the little girl. Finally, Six get rid of him by damaging his arms through the Elevator door.

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Twin Chefs

After escaping from Janitor, Six enters the kitchen, where she meets with the team of two Chefs that are preparing meals for the Annual Fest of the Maw. If you look closer, these chefs are wearing sagging skin-like masks.

These chefs saw Six while sneaking from the kitchen. The chefs struggled to catch Six, but she succeeded in eluding both chefs. In case Six is caught by them, they gonna serve her in the main course.

The Lady

After overcoming many difficulties, Six finally enters the Guest Area, where she meets her next Enemy- The Lady. The Lady is a woman that organizes the Event and takes care of the Guests from a distance. All the guests seemed mad about the food. They even tried to eat Six. However, her incredible speed saves her from these monsters.

While escaping from the Lady, Six discovers a magical mirror that really helps her fight with the woman. Six fights with the woman until she loses her power and falls to the ground.


Mono is another main character of Little Nightmares 2. He is a cute little boy wearing a brown paper bag with two eye holes over his face. Mono and Six often enjoy each other’s company and fight against their enemies.

The Hunter

It is the first enemy that you gonna face in Little Nightmares 2. From the appearance, the hunter resembles Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Part 2.  He lives in a cabin in the woods decorated with taxidermy creations. When Hunter sees you escaping, he starts chasing you, even firing on you with his shotgun. You need to run very fast to escape from the bullets.

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The Bullies

The Bullies are doll-like creatures dressed up in School Uniform. They stalk Mono and Six while exploring the School. These creatures are mischievous and can create trouble for you if they catch you.


Q1: Who are the enemies of Six in Little Nightmares?

  • Janitor
  • Two Chefs
  • The Guests
  • The Lady

Q2: Who is the scariest creature in Little Nightmares?

A janitor is the scariest creature that you will face in Little Nightmares. He possesses elongated arms that can reach you across the room.

Q3: Who is Mono?

Mono is a cute boy who is playing the central character in Little Nightmares 2. He is one of the strongest and most skilled players in the Little Nightmares franchise. Mono is very fast on his foot which helps him hide from his enemies.

Final Words

Well, these are the main Little Nightmares Characters. I hope you will find this post really interesting and informative. Keep sharing it with your family and friends too.

Thanks for reading!! Stay Connected for more latest updates.

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