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Looking for a 6GB RAM mobile? Go with Mi Note 9 Pro



Today, smartphone RAM has become one of the most crucial aspects, determining the success or failure of a particular model in the market. One may wonder regarding the function of RAM and its essentiality in handsets these days. 

RAM or Random Access Memory is the primary memory of your mobile phone where system data is stored and retrieved in a random manner, way faster than in the case of hard drives. RAM is only functional till such time your device is on. Information stored on RAM is lost the moment you switch off your smartphone.

Before proceeding to find out more about RAM, know that most budget models ship with 4GB RAM, and they are adept at accommodating multiple applications simultaneously. However, if you are looking for 6GB RAM, Mi Note 9 Pro can be a good option.

Few features of Mi Note 9 Pro

As mentioned previously that this model is a good option for 6GB RAM, here are some of its other features – 

  • Body 

The model features Gorilla Glass protection on the screen, ensuring sufficient scratch resistance from day-to-day items, such as coins and keys. The polycarbonate body of this handset sports a glossy finish, which ensures stylish looks but also attracts fingerprints. At approximately 209 grams, this smartphone can be too bulky for some users. 

  • Display 

The IPS LCD 6.67-inch occupies approximately 84.5% of the phone’s body. Its resolution is to the tune of 1080 x 2400 pixels with 395ppi density. Its screen’s refresh rate is restricted to 60Hz instead of 90Hz, which has become a norm for most devices in this price range today. 

  • Camera 
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The rear camera setup sports four unique lenses in a 48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP configuration. The front-facing camera, on the other hand, can capture images in 16MP resolutions. This ensures clear and crisp selfies. 

  • Battery 

The Li-Po 5020mAh battery is standard for most devices in this price range. Users can expect a day and a half of battery life under moderate usage. Another attractive feature of this handset is the quick charge facility, which can charge this phone’s battery in just a matter of minutes.   

Now that you know the vital features of the Mi Note 9 Pro, consider why memory or RAM is important in a device.

Why is RAM important in a smartphone?

RAM’s main function is to make the smartphone run faster and cut down any lag that may occur due to running multiple applications. Here are some ways in which RAM works – 

  • It helps to pull data out from the storage much faster. 
  • When an app is opened initially, data of the app is first extracted from the main storage. It is a slower process. Subsequently, such data is stored in faster RAM to run apps and operating systems smoothly.
  • If you are done using the app, it is still kept in the phone’s RAM even when you have moved on to some other application. 

Incidentally, a question may arise whether a 6GB RAM mobile is needed. The answer to this is in the affirmative. There are primarily two reasons for it –

  1. Even though not all users would download the latest games on the smartphone, a greater amount of RAM means that multiple apps can run smoothly in its background. More software can be kept running, and switching between apps also becomes faster.
  2. More RAM also provides sufficient space for the games and apps to utilize the hardware. The apps will be able to run smoothly for a few more years due to extra GBs of RAM compared to smartphones with lesser RAM.  
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If you plan to purchase Mi Note 9 Pro, avail of the immediate credit facility through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. That way, payment for purchase can be converted into no-cost EMIs. The installments can be paid over a convenient tenure ranging from 3 months to 24 months. 

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