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Make That Money! How to Do Payroll for a Tech Team



Payroll Problems

Everyone knows that a tech team is an essential group in startups and big companies alike. This guide is here to help you set up payroll and keep track of employee payments.

You’ll have to account for base salary, equity, benefits, bonuses, and other perks that go into your employee’s pocket. It can be a lot of work without the right plan.

54% of the American workforce is affected by payroll problems and delays. Be the 46% minority that pays its people on-time.

Know Tech Team Compensation

Signing bonuses are a typical payment in a tech team payroll. If you want your company to appeal to the brightest in the industry, money speaks as an incentive. Make sure you’re paying your people a competitive wage.

Equity is also a major factor in what tech people look for in their payroll. Though people in other departments get special bonuses, competition for tech people is fierce. If you want to stand out in the tech industry, getting the right people on board is important.

Make Sure HR Is Communicating With Your Tech Team

Payroll is HR and Finance’s job. The two should communicate with tech to record hours worked and build an accurate payroll. Don’t scramble at the last minute to gather employee hours. Your employees know their worth and will go elsewhere if you don’t recognize that.

Get HRMS software to get your HR department online. Integrating a digital system cuts out a lot of prior miscommunication and error.

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Know the Risks of Manual Payroll

Documents go missing when your company processes the payroll manually. These vanishing documents can slow down your operations and cause a lot of trouble. This is especially true in a small business.

If an employee decides that they’ve been underpaid, the burden goes onto the employer. When you hire an external payroll team or get payroll software, less of the blame falls on the corporation. Everything is automated and easier to track, and less confusion generates as a result.

Find Payroll Software

If you’re doing payroll by yourself, you may find that a lot of your free time is being eaten up. It’s recommended that you look into a payroll system that manages the forms for you.

This way, it’s the company’s job to ensure you get all the paperwork ready for pay periods. Companies fail because of payroll issues all the time, so prepare ahead of time and refuse to let that be you.

This paystub maker is an excellent way to keep track of your payroll in an easily read and stored stub. It serves as proof of income and will help relieve your payroll related stress.

Money Making Time!

Now that you know the special circumstances around hiring a tech team, you can better prepare your people and payroll method, whether it be manual or digital. If you keep organized and meticulous, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

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