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Microsoft Paige AI Version to Fight Cancers: Microsoft Paige will create the world’s largest AI version to fight most cancers



microsoft paige ai version to fight cancers

Microsoft Paige AI Version to Fight Cancers: Tech giant Microsoft has joined hands with digital pathology provider Paige to create the world’s largest image-based artificial intelligence (AI) model that can fight most cancers.

The agencies said that the brand new AI version is much bigger than other photograph-based AI versions existing these days, configured with billions of parameters.

This will help capture the subtle complexities of most cancers and serve as a cornerstone for next-generation scientific programs and computational biomarkers that push the boundaries of oncology and pathology.

The AI model can understand both common cancers and uncommon cancers that may be extremely difficult to diagnose.

Check What Desney Tan, says about it

We are making the latest Artificial Intelligence fashions to extend fantastic understandings of the pathology of most cancers. Unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence is a turning point in advancing healthcare to enhance lives, Desney Tan, vice president and director of Microsoft Fitness Futures, said in an announcement.

Microsoft Paige AI Version to Fight Cancers: Paige, a worldwide leader in end-to-end digital pathology solutions and medical AI. Developed the first massive foundation model using over a thousand million photographs from half a million pathology slides across multiple cancer types.

In the next phase of development, Paige is incorporating four million digitized microscopy slides from its unique petabyte-scale collection of medical data into various forms of cancer. Paige will use Microsoft’s advanced supercomputing infrastructure to train. The generation at scale and eventually deploy it in hospitals and laboratories around the world using Azure.

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What is the large foundation model?

It is Paige’s first Artificial Intelligence model. Using over a billion pictures from pathology slides across numerous types of cancer.

How is Microsoft contributing to this project?

Microsoft is providing its evolved supercomputing infrastructure to train the technology at a large scale.

What are the benefits of this project?

The image-based model could assist doctors in diagnosing cancer quicker and more accurately and finding new insights and treatments.

What is Microsoft Paige?

A digital pathology provider.

Who is the vice president of Microsoft Research

Peter Lee.

Who leads Microsoft now?

Satya Nadella.


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