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Microsoft plans to demo its new ChatGPT-like AI in MS Office




2023 has just begun, however, the battle of staying in the competition after the arrival of AI technology raises the bar. In the latest development, Microsoft is all set to demonstrate how its new ChatGPT-like AI will transform its Office Productivity apps. Microsoft is ready to show how it will expand to its core Productivity apps like Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

As per the sources, Microsoft is very close to revealing its plan for incorporating OpenAI’s language AI technology into its apps and its Prometheus Model in the coming weeks. The Company will make an announcement in March highlighting how quickly Microsoft wants to reinvent Search and its Productivity apps through its OpenAI Investments.

Microsoft will roll out Prometheus Model across Office Apps

Microsoft Office Users will already be able to get their hands on the Prometheus model if they use the Bing sidebar in Microsoft’s Edge Browser. By rolling out the Prometheus model across Office apps, Microsoft is hoping to generate graphs and Visual graphics from basic data for Powerpoint and even Excel. The giant is also planning for its AI model to generate text from short and simple prompts within Office 365 apps.

Previously, Microsoft had planned to launch its new Bing AI in late February but moved the date up to this week just because Google is preparing to make its own announcements. The aim behind adopting this new technology is to improve efficiency and productivity by allowing users to perform more quickly, and accurately. This tool also lets users with language processing which is the main feature of OpenAI technology.

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Soon, Microsoft Word will let users write more accurately with fewer errors by suggesting alternative words, and phrases. Moreover, it will also summarize a long document and highlight key points for easy summarization. Similarly for Outlook, the tech giant will use ChatGPT to write replies to emails or summarize email threads.

New Bing is available for Preview at

As per the reports, its been one year of Engineers, and Researchers at Microsoft working hard on tailoring AI tools for writing emails, and documents by using OpenAI’s Machine learning models on customer data. Now they are trying to figure out a way to train models using Customers’ data without being exposed to other users.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its new Bing-powered by next-generation ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence. It also updated its Edge Browser with new AI Capabilities. Presently new Bing and Edge Browser is available for Preview at This aims to deliver better search results, more complete answers, a new Chat Experience, and the ability to generate text.

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