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Microsoft Shopping’s latest AI-powered tools in Bing and Edge, check all detail here.



bing AI yet works on chrome

Microsoft Shopping has recently introduced new AI-powered tools in Bing and Edge, aiming to enhance the online shopping experience for users. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to offer personalized product recommendations, as well as price comparisons and deals from various retailers. 

Users can enjoy and improve the shopping experience with AI

In Bing, users can now enjoy an improved shopping experience with the integration of Microsoft’s new AI-powered features. These features include the ability to refine search results based on specific product attributes, such as color or price range, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. 

Additionally, Bing Shopping now provides personalized recommendations based on users’ browsing history and preferences, helping them discover new products that align with their interests. Microsoft has also integrated AI-powered tools into its web browser, Edge, to assist users with making informed purchasing decisions. 

Users are now able to compare prices for specific Products

Users can now compare prices for a specific product across different retailers directly within the browser. Allowing them to find the best deal without needing to switch between multiple tabs or websites. Furthermore, Edge also provides users with real-time notifications of price drops or relevant discount codes to help them save money while shopping online. 

Overall, these new AI-powered tools in Bing and Edge aim to streamline the online shopping experience, helping users find products they want, compare prices, and make informed purchasing decisions. By leveraging AI technology, Microsoft Shopping seeks to provide users with a more personalized and efficient shopping journey.

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Tech genius Microsoft has declared new AI-based shopping tools in Bing and Edge that will support users’ shop and hold “with faith”.

The latest tools help users harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to create it more comfortable to search. Research and finish their assets with important information from professional sources in one place. The tech genius stated in a blog post on Thursday. goes.” Is.”

The ‘Shopping Guide’ suggests to users what to examine for in each category, delivers product recommendations, and shows the specifications of many identical items subsequent to each other in an intelligent comparison table, so users can discover the right one without tapping via the comparison opportunities. get the product. Immediately. various websites. The tool is accessible currently on Bing in the US and will be launched in other markets over the period. The Shopping manual in Edge has been released globally.

Review the Summary

The ‘Review Summary’ tool presents factors to consider when shopping for a product. Once users locate a detailed product they like. They can freely ask Bing Chat in Edge to rephrase what people are stating about it online. This tool has begun to be executed globally.

After you’ve created a buy, our Price Match feature continues to operate for you. Monitoring the cost of things and helping you ask for a cost decrease when the expense drops, stated the tech giant.

‘Cost Comparison’ and ‘Cost History’ are built-in browser features that support and secure users shopping at a suitable place and period. In addition, Edge permits users automatically use vouchers and cashback when creating online assets straight from Bing Chat. The ‘Package Tracking’ feature tracks buy from the Edge sidebar. So the customer doesn’t require to go to their inbox for shipping verifications and stalking numbers. Expense Match will be set in the United States shortly.

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Cost history, cost comparison, vouchers, cashback, and package hunt are already known in special markets and built-in to Edge,” the organization told.

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